Fellow Conservative,

The back and forth over the past few days has been furious. Conservatives are demanding more action be taken against Hillary Clinton while the RINOs in Congressional leadership do everything they can to protect the Clintons.

The leadership is winning.

Today, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chairman of the Government Oversight Committee, sent another strongly worded letter to the Department of Justice asking them to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

This time, the request is for an investigation into evidence of destruction of evidence.

You see, at least three weeks after Congress subpoenaed Hillary Clinton’s emails and gave them a legally binding preservation order, the email servers were completely wiped clean.

They destroyed evidence. That is a crime.

The GOP leadership wants to limit Congressional action to sending the DOJ a strongly worded letter.

That is NOT good enough!

Force Congress to finally hold Hillary in Contempt of Congress! Send your FaxBlast NOW!

“The Department should investigate and determine whether Secretary Clinton or her employees and contractors violated statutes that prohibit destruction of records, obstruction of congressional investigations and concealment or cover up of evidence material to a congressional investigation,” Chaffetz wrote in the letter. “In furtherance of such an investigation, you should consider why records were destroyed after Secretary Clinton and her agents were on notice to preserve them.”

We have the utmost respect for Rep. Chaffetz. He’s one of the best Conservatives that we have in Congress. But right now, he is being forced down a pointless path.

Even if the DOJ allows an investigation to move forward (they won’t) and the FBI recommends indictment (they won’t), there is no way that Loretta Lynch allows Hillary Clinton – her friend – to face a Grand Jury.

No, the only way to make sure Hillary Clinton faces justice is for Congress to act on its own.

We now know for a FACT that Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information and lied about it, under oath, in her Congressional testimony.

But these new revelations are potentially even more damaging (if that is even possible).

On March 4th, 2015, the US Congress delivered a subpoena to Hillary Clinton demanding that she turn over her emails to Congressional investigators. That subpoena included what is known as a “preservation order,” essentially a legally binding order to keep the subpoenaed records safe.

After being served with this preservation notice, Hillary Clinton’s top aides held a conference call with the company that had managed her private server.

Within days of this conference call, one of the company’s employees went back and not only deleted everything remaining on the server, but used a tool called BleachBit to permanently scramble anything left over to make it unreadable.

During his FBI interview, this employee admitted that he “was aware of the existence of the preservation request and the fact that it meant he should not disturb Clinton’s e-mail data on the PRN server.”

That means that the preservation order was discussed over that conference call.

This is how crooked Hillary Clinton is…

Hillary and her aides destroyed evidence. The GOP leadership wants to let them get away with it. Send your FaxBlast now and FORCE Congress to hold Hillary in Contempt!

We don’t have time to play the establishment’s games. We don’t have time to write sternly worded letters ‘demanding’ that the Obama administration prosecute one of its own.

Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. Only a fool would think he would let Hillary be prosecuted.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Congress has the power to hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt of Congress for lying under oath and destroying evidence. This would bypass both the DOJ and FBI entirely. Under the law, if Congress delivers a Contempt charge to the Attorney General, then she has a “duty” to impanel a Grand Jury to examine the facts.

This is the only way forward. This is the only path that ends with Hillary facing justice.

Everything else is just lip service designed to make it look like they’re doing something without accomplishing anything.

The votes are there to hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt of Congress. They could hold a vote right now and have the Sergeant at Arms deliver the charges to the DOJ by the end of business hours today.

But the establishment refuses to let that happen.

It is up to you to raise your voice. It is up to you to get loud and convince Congress that it is worth using political capital to charge Hillary Clinton with Contempt!

As I said, the votes are there. They are just waiting for you to demand it!

The Establishment is trying to protect Hillary! Send your FaxBlast here and DEMAND that Congress vote to hold her in Contempt!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily