Fellow Conservative,

The wheels on Hillary Clinton’s bus are starting to fall off.

The FBI has started recovering Hillary Clinton’s emails off of her ‘wiped’ server. Hillary tried to delete these emails but apparently failed at that too because it only took the FBI a few weeks to gain access to them. In a matter of days, we will be able to test Hillary’s claim that she didn’t delete any government records.

But this isn’t the most significant news, believe it or not. We now have proof that foreign hackers compromised and broke into Hillary’s network. This is a game changer.

The reason that government employees are supposed to use government email accounts is to protect their messages from foreign prying eyes.

So, Hillary Clinton sent, received, and stored Classified and Top Secret files on a server that was compromised by foreign hackers. Game over, Hillary…

Yes, what Hillary did was against the law. She illegally stored Classified and Top Secret documents. Her argument has always been that she didn’t do anything wrong because nothing bad ever happened to the documents. But now that we know foreign governments got access to these documents, it’s all over.

Hillary Clinton’s actions exposed government secrets to our enemies. Demand that Congress appoint a Special Prosecutor immediately!

This week, a Federal Judge ordered the FBI to hand over Hillary’s emails. The FBI responded that it could neither confirm nor deny that an investigation was even ongoing.

Based on leaks, we know that an investigation is, in fact, ongoing. But at any moment, President Obama could pull the plug and shield Hillary from prosecution. If that happens, it would be impossible to get to the bottom of this.

The question is simple: are you comfortable relying on Barack Obama to prosecute Hillary?

The President let Lois Lerner get away with breaking the law and targeting Conservatives and Obama used executive privilege to shield former Attorney General Eric Holder from a Congressional investigation. So why should we expect anything different for Hillary?

The solution is appointing a special prosecutor who, once appointed, cannot be stopped by partisan politics.

Congress has 100% authority to appoint a special prosecutor. This is only done when the Justice Department can no longer be trusted to impartially investigate an issue. We have obviously reached that point.

Are you going to let Hillary Clinton get away with it or are you going to DEMAND that Congress push the DOJ aside and appoint its own special prosecutor?

Hillary belongs behind bars. Tell Congress to wise up and appoint a special prosecutor now!

So let’s recap…

We know for a fact that Hillary stored Classified and Top Secret files on an unsecure email server that was compromised by foreign hackers.

We know that there is a gap in the records and that Hillary withheld months-worth of documents, including those immediately after the Benghazi attack.

But right now, Congress isn’t doing a thing. They are just sitting around and waiting to see what happens.

Here’s the deal: If Hillary Clinton is charged and convicted of wrongfully storing classified materials, her Presidential campaign is toast.

We know Boehner is too spineless to lift a finger and McConnell is too busy figuring out how to surrender again to the Democrats again.

It is up to YOU to raise your voice and not stop yelling until Congress appoints a Special Prosecutor!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily