Fellow Conservative,

Activist judges in the 9th Circuit – the country’s most liberal court – have blocked Trump’s refugee pause.

Since Trump’s inauguration, more than 6,200 refugees have been brought into the US. The vast majority of refugees are coming from the Middle East, even thought the President took steps to stop it. This is what judicial activism looks like.

In addition to this, Obama holdovers are still processing refugee applications in Australia. That’s right… Australia.

Before Obama left office, he signed an agreement with the Australian government to take more than 1,250 refugees that they had turned away.

These are refugees from the Middle East, primarily Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, who have been deemed “inadmissible” by the Australian government. Many were discovered to be security threats and all were determined to be a drain on the economy if admitted.

Instead of taking our ally’s word for it, Obama approved them for fast-track admission into the US.

This has to stop!

Unvetted refugees are pouring in after the activist judges blocked Trump’s order. You MUST rise up! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand they shut this down immediately!

President Trump was going to kill this agreement. However, leakers within the White House caused his phone call with the Australian Prime Minister to leak to the press. Since then, he’s backed off on cancelling the agreement.

It is going to take an act of Congress to stop these thousands of radicals from coming into the country.

Whatever Trump puts out will be challenged in the courts. Leftists will shop around for favorable judges and gum up the system again.

Meanwhile, unvetted and under-vetted refugees continue to stream into the country unchecked.

We’ve reached out to GOP leadership. No one wants to touch this.

Mitch McConnell won’t touch it… Paul Ryan won’t touch it…

Last week, John McCain was gallivanting around Europe publicly condemning Trump’s refugee pause.

They think they can do this without consequence. These spineless – and I truly mean spineless – Republicans are running away from their promises. Less than a year ago, they were giving speeches on the floor of the House or Senate condemning Obama’s refugee program. They voted for HR 4038 and pledged to end Obama’s refugee system.

Now that they have the power to stop it, they are stepping aside and allowing activist judges to reinstate a refugee policy that the American people voted against.

No more!

Don’t let activist judges bring radicals into this country! Please, get loud and DEMAND that Congress intervene and pass HR 4038!

Before Trump’s executive order, roughly 11% of all refugees entering the United States were coming from the seven Middle Eastern countries on the list.

Now that these activist judges have intervened, more than 70% of all refugees come from these countries of concern. They're racing in...

Every single one is forced to swear under oath that they never served in the German military during World War II, regardless of how young they are. But there are still no steps in place to uncover Islamic radicalism.

This is why a refugee pause is necessary.

There are ten Senate Democrats from states that Trump overwhelmingly won who are terrified of voting against these common sense proposals. The only thing we’re missing is a Republican establishment eager to fulfill these promises.

And in order to accomplish that – in order to keep this country safe – YOU need to rise up and demand it!

These Spineless Republicans have allowed thousands of unvetted Middle Eastern refugees into the country. Please, send your FaxBlast now and FORCE them to pull the plug on this asinine refugee program!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily