Did you watch the Democratic Debate last night? I did, and it wasn’t easy.

A 9-minute segment on which candidate hates the Second Amendment the most… segment devoted towards giving illegal aliens more benefits… Absolute madness.

The candidates rallied around Hillary Clinton and demanded that we stop pursuing her email crimes and negligence surrounding Benghazi. Yea, we’re not going to do that…

Did you hear about the news that broke last week?

Remember how Hillary Clinton swore up and down that she never sent or received classified information?

One of Clinton’s emails that Trey Gowdy made public last week had a name redacted because the individual was a CIA informant. Hillary Clinton received an unredacted email containing a Libyan informant’s name and not only did she let this top secret information sit on her unsecure private server, but she forwarded it to other people!

There is no information more classified and top secret than the identities of CIA informants and overseas assets. These are spies and intelligence assets who, if discovered, would be murdered. Their families would be murdered.

By receiving, storing, and forwarding this CIA informant’s name, Hillary Clinton broke the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, a felony. This is the law that is designed to protect the identities of our intelligence assets. Not only did she put national security at risk, but she risked this asset's familiy's lives! Let’s put her in jail!

Hillary just broke another law! Demand that Congress appoint a special prosecutor and get to the bottom of Hillary Clinton’s many crimes!

This email sat on Hillary Clinton’s unsecure email server for years. God only knows which governments were able to steal it. Not only that, but Hillary Clinton forwarded the email. She sent this confidential informant’s name to other employees who had absolutely no business receiving it.

If you or I exposed a confidential CIA informant’s name, we would already be in prison. The Department of Justice would have thrown the book at us. They would have locked us up and thrown away the key.

But apparently, Hillary Clinton is special. Even though she has clearly committed felonies and put national security at risk, the Obama administration doesn’t want to stand in the way of her coronation.

That means it is up to Congress. If Obama’s DOJ won’t prosecute Hillary Clinton, then that baton is passed to Congress.

The United States Congress has the constitutional authority to appoint a special prosecutor. This power is rarely used. But partisanship has taken over Obama’s Justice Department. They are holding off on going after Hillary Clinton in order to protect her Presidential prospects.

The only way to put Hillary behind bars is to convince Congress to appoint a special prosecutor and the only way that happens is if you get loud right now and DEMAND it!

Hillary broke the law and put this country at risk! Tell Congress to appoint a special prosecutor to go after her!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily