Dear Conservative,

The Democrats are scared. They are terrified by the recent surge in support for impeachment proceedings from Members of Congress and the American people.

In a recent fundraising email to supporters, the Democrat Party urges recipients to donate money to help retake the House of Representatives. Normally, that would be completely fine. Every political party is allowed to fundraise.

The problem is the reason behind the Democrats’ fundraising push…

The email starts out by listing some of the GOP Congressmen and Senators who have gone on-record supporting an impeachment vote.

The email closes by telling supporters that if the Democrat Party can win just 17 more seats, it will be able to take back the House of Representatives and “put an end to this kind of asinine behavior.”

Asinine behavior? Since when did support for the Constitution and the rule of law become asinine behavior?

For something to be asinine, it must be extremely stupid or foolish. Impeachment proceedings are neither. Not only is impeachment the wise thing to do, but it is absolutely necessary to save our Republic!

Tell Congress that Barack Obama is a lawless president and there is nothing asinine about impeaching him and removing him from office!

This is the same sort of blind devotion that kept Adolf Hitler in power! Anyone who is blinded by party affiliation and cannot recognize the tyranny right in front of their eyes has no business serving in Congress!

This hubris is absolutely incompatible with our system of government. The Democrats are so in love with Barack Hussein Obama that, in their eyes, he can do absolutely no wrong. They bought the President’s campaign speeches hook, line, and sinker and are still waiting for him to bring that “change” to Washington.

What they don’t even realize is that Barack Obama has brought “change” to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He has changed the Presidency into an Autocracy, where he can override the Constitution whenever he wants!

The Democrats can look down on us and belittle us, but no amount of ignorance can escape the fact that the Barack Obama they voted for is not same person who is currently occupying the Oval Office.

Barack Obama’s days are numbered and the Democrats realize this. If he is able to survive and avoid impeachment (which is highly unlikely), the Left is starting to realize that Obama will become a lame-duck President when the GOP retakes the Senate!

The Democrats are on life support and they know it. They are making a last-ditch effort to try to retake the House of Representative to stave off impeachment hearings. They will fail!

The American people recognize the President’s lawlessness and blatant disdain for the Constitution. Not only will the Democrats fail to make up any ground in the midterm elections, but they will lose the Senate and Barack Obama will be impeached and convicted of his crimes!

Tell Congress that Barack Obama is a lawless president and there is nothing asinine about impeaching him and removing him from office!

Impeachment isn’t a taboo subject. It is a provision deliberately built into the Constitution to allow Congress to remove a President from office for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” This is just one of the many “checks and balances” that are an integral part of our system of government.

People will likely tell you that impeachment would be too radical of a move. They will say that since it has only been used a handful of times, that’s evidence that impeachment should be used sparingly. The fact remains that the United States has never had a President who so openly and defiantly disregards the Constitution and the rule of law!

The Barack Obama Presidency is sinking, and the Democrats are either too naïve or too stupid to realize that the time has come to abandon ship!

The Left is calling our push for impeachment “asinine.” They honestly believe that it is foolish and old fashioned to hold a President accountable for violating his Oath of Office. Blind party obedience has propped up some of the most dangerous tyrants in world history. Barack Hussein Obama joins Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong on the long list of autocratic tyrants propped up by blind party loyalty.

There is no justification for the President’s lawlessness. The ends can never justify the means, especially when the means refer to blatantly violating the Constitution! There is absolutely no silver lining to the fact that Barack Obama has shredded the Constitution and started ruling as a king. The only thing that is “asinine” is how the Democrats continue to throw themselves at this Imperial President.

The reality in Washington is that we have roughly 50% of Congress actively supporting the President’s use of executive orders to go around Congress. When Barack Obama is tried for his crimes, every complicit Democrat and RINO must be tried alongside as his accomplices!

Barack Obama must be impeached, and all those who encourage his tyranny must be thrown out of office as well!

Tell Congress that Barack Obama is a lawless president and there is nothing asinine about impeaching him and removing him from office!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily