Fellow Conservative,

It’s that time of year again. With oil and gasoline prices near record lows, Democrats and RINOs alike are pushing for new taxes.

The only time they can push these taxes is when gasoline prices are low. If gas was $3.50/gallon, these politicians would be butchered for even suggesting an increased gas tax.

But now, with prices at the lowest of the Obama Presidency, the Lefties are chomping at the bit to make it harder for you and your family to fill up the tank.

Just this week, Barack Obama announced a new $10 on each barrel of oil imported. That alone has been suggested to increase the price of gas by around 25 cents/gallon. That’s not my analysis. In 2011, Barack Obama gave a speech in which he outlined how ”every time the price of a barrel of oil on the world market rises by $10, a gallon of gas goes up by about 25 cents.”

This tax would go towards “green initiatives.” So basically, it’d be a waste of money.

But then Congress also wants to DOUBLE the federal tax on gasoline. If both of these go through, you’re talking about paying more than 40¢/gallon just in Federal taxes. You can bet that states and municipalities will follow suit and raise their taxes as well… Every time that the Federal government has increased gas taxes, states and municipalities did as well. So when you add it all up, this could very well amount to close to $1 of new taxes per gallon!

Not on your watch! Force Congress to back down and STOP the plan to increase gasoline taxes!

None of this affects Congress. They gave themselves a $1000/month car allowance in the budget. They couldn’t care less about what gasoline costs.

But for all of us, these low prices are almost like a Godsend. When it costs half as much to commute to work, that it the equivalent a pay raise. It means being able to save a bit more of your paycheck or taking the family out to eat once a week.

But Congress and this President see it differently. They see record low gas prices as the time to strike and increase taxes on us.

Every time they try this BS, we fight back. Every time they try to raise gas prices by upwards of 50¢/gal, we bombard them with hundreds of thousands of faxes and they end up backing down.

We stand guard and keep watch for this nonsense so that you don’t have to. But now that you know what they’re pushing through, you have an obligation to stop it!

No new taxes! FaxBlast Congress and STOP them from raising the gasoline tax!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily