Fellow Conservative,

It’s happening again. The Obama administration is making another push to disarm as many veterans as possible. The reason? Your guess is as good as mine. Bureaucrats within the Obama administration

But this is happening and it is up to you to stop it!

Don’t let Obama disarm our veterans and retirees! Demand that Congress put a stop to this unconstitutional gun grab!

Since Obama took office, the Department of Veterans Affairs has disarmed over 170,000 American veterans. This week, they tried to take another veterans’ guns away.

On July 30, John Arnold received a letter from the VA declaring that he had been deemed incompetent and that government agents would be by his home shortly to confiscate his firearms.

John had a stroke a year ago. He is doing better now, but because of a single box that was checked on a form a year ago – saying that he temporarily needed help with his finances –  he is now legally barred from buying or owning firearms.

The VA informed John that an inspector would be by his house on August 6 to seize his guns. That day, more than a hundred of John’s neighbors came to put a stop to the seizure. Fellow veterans came out… State representatives came out… So when the VA official did show up, he saw the crowd before him and conceded that Mr. Arnold’s firearms wouldn’t be confiscated today.

We won this battle because brave Patriots took the time to make sure the VA inspector didn’t take one step inside Mr. Arnold’s home. But what happens tomorrow or the next day? What happens when the protesters go home? What about the 170,000 veterans who had their Second Amendment rights already taken away and the thousands of other vets in the crosshairs?

We can’t fight these confiscations one at a time. A hundred protesters here and there will be no match for the massive Obama bureaucracy.

We need to nip this in the bud.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) has introduced legislation that would force the VA to obtain a court order before being allowed to strip a veteran of his or her 2nd Amendment rights.

Instead of allowing an unnamed bureaucrat to decide a veteran’s fate, he or she would get to argue their case before a judge. And if a veteran does have his or her guns taken away, they will have the ability to appeal and get them back.

Right now, if an Obama bureaucrat says you can’t own guns anymore, that’s a permanent decision. There’s appeal mechanism and no way to get your rights back.

Don’t let another veteran be illegally disarmed! Demand that Congress stop these illegal gun confiscations!

This legislation couldn’t come at a better time. The Obama administration is taking the strategies used to disarm veterans and applying them to all retirees.

That’s right. The President is rolling this out via executive order within the Social Security Administration. If left unchecked, social security bureaucrats will have the power to pick and choose which Americans are allowed to own firearms.

The law is clear. Only a medical doctor can declare someone incompetent like this and you need to be diagnosed and admitted into a mental institution to have your firearms taken away. Obama has systematically given this power to unelected bureaucrats.

Jon Arnold may have dodged a bullet, but how many other veterans out there have a similar disarmament letter sitting in their mailbox? If Obama gets his way, how many retirees will be labeled “incompetent” and have government agents seize their firearm collections?

My answer to you? Not. One. More.

Join me before it is too late! Urge Congress to put a stop to Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional disarmament scheme!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily