The walls are starting to close in on Hillary Clinton. While she has been more than happy to cheerlead a witch hunt against Donald Trump and his advisors, she is now claiming that it is a threat to Democracy if she is investigated.

You see, the Clintons believe that running for an election is enough to absolve them of guilt. If Hillary Clinton had won, you can be sure that the DOJ would never be looking into her and her husband's crimes. But since she lost, now Hillary is also ordering the DOJ, Trump administration, and Congress to stand down because it 'isn't American to prosecute political opponents' and investigating her would be "such an abuse of power."

Oh really? Isn't it un-American for a sitting Secretary of State to sell 20% of America's uranium to our top nuclear adversary? Isn't it an abuse of power for Hillary Clinton and her aides to destroy evidence that was under a lawful Congressional subpoena and preservation order?

Hillary has been cheering on Robert Mueller for months. Her campaign literally paid for a foreign agent to create a dossier accusing Trump of being a traitor and then she gave that to the Obama administration so they could spy on her political opponent. But now, she's shrieking that Trump shouldn't be allowed to investigate her clear and obvious crimes.

The walls are closing in on poor, crooked Hillary and like any trapped animal, she is lashing back.

Don't let her get away!

Tell Congress to start playing hardball! Send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to charge all of these Clinton criminals and start sending the cases directly to a grand jury!

After delivering a letter to Congress announcing that he was re-opening the Hillary probe, Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a much different account in person. He refused to promise that a Special Counsel would be assigned and even doubted whether there was enough evidence to justify one.

The evidence is abundant, which is why Clinton is fighting back so hard. She is the one who said Trump shouldn't worry about a Special Prosecutor unless he has something to hide. Now that an investigation is in the works, Clinton is trying desperately to kill it. Why the sudden change of heart?

Chairman Bob Goodlatte cut into Jeff Sessions during Tuesday's hearing. "There are significant concerns that the partisanship of the FBI and the Department [of Justice] has weakened the ability of each to act objectively," he declared.

That is the issue. The same FBI and DOJ employees who put their finger on the scale and let Hillary Clinton get away with mishandling classified documents, destroying subpoenaed evidence, accepting Uranium One bribes, and selling American influence through her family's Foundation are the ones blocking this new investigation.

There is a reason that in recent weeks, there have been reports of Deep State government officials scrambling to get Hillary Clinton a plea deal to save her from jail time. Yes, that actually happened. They can see the walls closing in and need to make sure they have an insurance policy.

Congress referred these Clinton crimes to the DOJ for prosecution three months ago and it has taken until now for Jeff Sessions to say that he will "maybe" start a new investigation.

Enough is enough. It is time for Congress to take this out of the Sessions' hands!

Hillary is squirming. Send your instant FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to charge these obvious crimes and send the Clinton case directly to a grand jury!

Hillary Clinton lied under oath when she said she turned over all of her emails. Loretta Lynch lied under oath when she claimed she only used work email, when she was actually also using a secret email account to discuss her secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton. James Comey lied under oath, hiding the fact that he exonerated Clinton weeks before even interviewing her.

John Podesta lied to Congress under oath when he said he had no knowledge of the Trump dossier. His lawyer, sitting right next to him, was the man that Podesta and the Clintons used to pay Fusion GPS. Susan Rice confessed to Congress under oath that she unmasked Trump officials because she wanted to know what they were saying to world leaders after the election.

For goodness sake, there is an informant who has been begging to spill the dirt he has on the Clintons and the Uranium One purchase, but the Obama administration threatened to throw him in jail if he talked.

These are all crimes. These are all punishable.

So far, Conservatives have been playing nice. They requested that Jeff Sessions appoint a Special Counsel. Now, just two days after seemingly agreeing, Sessions is once again pumping the brakes. Play time is over.

Under the law, Congress has the power to refer all of these crimes directly to a grand jury. Instead of leaving it up to Sessions and the Obama holdovers in the Department of Justice, the law says that the US Attorney has a "duty" to impanel a grand jury and present the evidence. Congress can do what the Deep State is refusing to do!

We are DEMANDING that Congress do its job and prosecute these clear and obvious Clinton crimes!

Lock them all up! Use this FaxBlast system and FORCE Congress to hold Hillary and her cronies in contempt and start holding these criminals accountable!

At Trump's last rally, the crowd chanted "lock her up." President Trump responded, "talk to Jeff Sessions." Now, after two days of being grilled by Democrats and the media, Sessions is starting to waffle once again.

Don't let Hillary and her accomplices get away with these crimes again!

Lock them all up! Use this FaxBlast system and FORCE Congress to hold Hillary and her cronies in contempt and start holding these criminals accountable!

Lock. Her. Up.