Fellow Conservative,

As you know, there is a bit of a winter storm blanketing the East Coast and Washington DC is getting hit particularly hard.

Yesterday, the Federal government sent its employees home at noon in order to beat the storm. If the Feds let them stay at home on Monday as well, that means that the storm will have caused federal workers to miss a little more than a day and a half of work.

So why on Earth does the State Department think they can push back Hillary Clinton’s email release another month?

In a letter to the Judge, the Department of State blames the winter storm for their inability to meet the January 29th deadline and they request a one-month extension.

So, a winter storm makes the workers miss two days and all of a sudden they need an extra month? Something doesn’t add up…

Well, one look at the Democratic Primary calendar and you see why the Obama administration is stalling.

If the administration gets its way and the release date is pushed back to February 29, that means that Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina will have voted without knowing what’s in the final batch of Hillary’s emails. Tens of thousands of pages of emails would get released the day before Super Tuesday before anyone could thoroughly read them!

They are literally trying to throw the election and coronate this criminal!

The State Department is hiding the last batch of Hillary’s emails! Tell Congress to use every power they have to go after this criminal!

It truly doesn’t get any more obvious than this. There is no reason to need a month extension because of two snow days. This is pure politics.

The tally is now up to over 1,300. That’s the number of emails found on Hillary Clinton’s server that contained classified information. Some of the emails were so classified that Congressmen and Inspectors General had to upgrade their security clearance just to read them.

They were ‘above’ Top Secret because they were considered “need-to-know.”

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has come out and admitted that he believes “the odds are pretty high” countries like Iran, China, and Russia hacked into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

The intelligence establishment found multiple emails that required an “HSC-O” marking. This is used for information stemming from human intelligence – spies – in ongoing operations. If a foreign government were able to hack into the server, which is likely, then Hillary put our country’s spies at risk of being exposed and killed.

This is beyond criminal. This is treason. To so blatantly disregard the law and deliberately put American lives in danger requires the fullest prosecution allowed under the law. Former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey has come out and said that the evidence is there to indict and prosecute.

Yet Barack Obama’s DOJ and FBI keep sitting on their hands. The State Department is joining the stonewalling and trying to delay handing over more documents until after the first four primaries.

This is a concerted effort to coronate Hillary Rodham Clinton and it cannot be allowed to happen!

Are you going to let Hillary get away with this? FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they appoint a Special Prosecutor to throw her in jail immediately!

The law and the Constitution are clear. When there is an obvious conflict of interest and the administration refuses to investigate/prosecute one of its own, then Congress can step up and appoint a Special Prosecutor.

Obama let Eric Holder off and he protected Lois Lerner from prosecution. It is only fitting to call off the dogs to protect the presumptive Democrat nominee for President.

It is all just so rotten…

That is why we need to rise up. It is not enough to curse under our breath. We need to unite as one voice and take this woman down!

The only way that will ever happen is through a Special Prosecutor.

Cover-up confirmed! Force Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor before Obama clears Hillary of any wrongdoing!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily