Fellow Conservative,

It has happened. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), the Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, has formally referred Hillary Clinton’s server technician to Attorney General Jeff Sessions for prosecution. The Obama administration had previously ignored this request. Chaffetz is hoping that Sessions will not.

As you remember, Bryan Pagliano was at the center of the scandal when it was revealed he was asking strangers on the internet for help to delete sensitive files for a “very VIP” client (obviously Clinton). He did end up wiping Hillary Clinton’s backup server clean, even though he was legally obligated to safeguard it.

When Congress subpoenaed him to testify before the Committee, Pagliano refused to show up.

Pagliano is just a small player in this. When Hillary Clinton was expected to become President, it made a lot of sense for staffers like him to cover for her. But now that she lost the election and is powerless, people like Pagliano are ready to be flipped.

That is exactly what Chaffetz is doing. By going after the aide, he can get him to turn on those higher up the food chain.

Here’s the thing: Congress still hasn’t held Pagliano in Contempt. The Committee has, but the full Congress hasn’t. Until that happens, Chaffetz’ referral is simply a suggestion.

Any Obama holdover at the DOJ – which we know there are many – can derail this effort.

The only reason Chaffetz is forced to go this route is because Congressional leadership refuses to hold Mr. Pagliano in Contempt of Congress.

Don’t let Clinton’s allies derail the investigation! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they hold Bryan Pagliano in Contempt of Congress!

Why still pursue this issue? Well, the answer is quite simple.

Our number one fear was that Hillary Clinton would use winning the Presidency to dismantle the criminal investigations against her.

Allowing her electoral defeat to accomplish the same would be just as reprehensible.

The law was broken. Classified information was mishandled. American national security was put at risk. Congressional subpoenas and preservation orders were ignored.

And no one was ever held accountable.

I don’t want to throw Hillary Clinton or her aides in prison. That is for a judge and jury to decide. But the case deserves to be heard by a judge and jury. Politics should have nothing to do with it.

Trump has expressed his desire to move on to other issues. He doesn’t want prosecuting Hillary Clinton to get in the way of all he has to accomplish.

But when he met with Rep. Chaffetz, Trump told the Congressman to investigate whatever and whoever he wants. Chaffetz has chosen to continue with the Clintons.

He’s largely on his own, however. The GOP establishment doesn’t want to touch the Clintons.

In the final days of the campaign, spineless Republicans like Ryan, McCain, Graham, and Sasse were actively campaigning against Trump to help Clinton win. Why would they help Chaffetz now?

This case is cut and dry. Pagliano ignored a Congressional subpoena and preservation order by wiping Clinton’s hard drive clean. He then ignored a second subpoena and never showed up to the hearing.

He defied multiple Congressional subpoenas and yet the GOP establishment has protected him.

No more!

Don’t let Clinton’s allies derail the investigation! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they hold Bryan Pagliano in Contempt of Congress!

Under the law, the DOJ must impanel a Grand Jury to examine Congressional Contempt of Congress charges.

There is no room within the process for Obama holdovers in the Justice Department to sabotage it.

Then Pagliano would have to decide whether it is worth going to prison to protect the secrets of a powerless former-government employee.

But the only way that any of this will happen is if Congress holds Bryan Pagliano in Contempt. And the only way to break through the RINO establishment is to rise up and demand it!

Don’t let Clinton’s allies derail the investigation! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they hold Bryan Pagliano in Contempt of Congress!

Finish it,

Joe Otto

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