Fellow Conservative,

Yesterday, the House Government Oversight Committee served subpoenas to the individuals who set up and maintained Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Bryan Pagliano, who previously received some sort of immunity from the DOJ, refused to show up to the hearing.

He received the lawful subpoena and just ignored it.

This is criminal.

Congress is actually considering holding him in contempt and using the Sergeant at Arms to compel him to testify.

This is what we’ve been waiting for!

Just hours ago, Hillary’s server tech literally just defied a Congressional subpoena by refusing to show up to a committee hearing. Send your FaxBlast here and FORCE Congress to hold him in Contempt of Congress!

He asserts that by not showing up to the committee hearing today, he is exercising his 5th Amendment rights. But that’s not how it works…

Nothing within the 5th Amendment gives anyone the right to ignore a subpoena to appear.

We are talking about one of Hillary’s employees who contributed to the mishandling of Classified information.

As the FBI Report noted, when Pagliano set up Hillary Clinton’s server, it didn’t even have an SSL certificate, one of the most basic forms of internet security.

Not only did he break the law by conspiring to remove classified information from its “proper place of custody,” but he was grossly negligent in how he set up the server and didn’t even bother to safeguard it.

The Clinton team violated a subpoena last year when they destroyed evidence and now today, Hillary Clinton’s server tech has defied another subpoena and refused to appear before Congress.

Under the law and the House rules, this qualifies for a Contempt of Congress charge.

The House of Representatives has the legal authority to have the House Sergeant at Arms arrest Mr. Pagliano, bring him to Capitol Hill, and even imprison him in a jail cell beneath Congress until he agrees to testify.

By not showing up to testify today, Hillary’s server technician has sealed his fate.

Now it is just up to YOU to compel Congress to do its job and arrest him!

Just this morning, Hillary’s server tech, Bryan Pagliano, defied yet another Congressional subpoena. It’s time to act! Take action here and FaxBlast Congress DEMANDING they formerly charge Pagliano and have him arrested!

Today’s House Oversight Committee Hearing isn’t even over yet and Congressmen are already meeting to move forward with Contempt of Congress charges.

The GOP leadership is terrified. They are terrified that they actually might have to take action against Clinton or her aides.

The RINO leaders are doing everything they can to dissuade Conservative Congressmen from going after Hillary’s server tech. They want this issue just to go away.

You have the power to do what the Department of State, Department of Justice, and Federal Bureau of Investigation have refused to do: hold someone responsible for Hillary Clinton’s crimes.

This is completely achievable. But Hillary Clinton’s server technician won’t face justice if you stay quiet.

The only way is for you to get loud right now and demand he be charged with Contempt of Congress for ignoring a subpoena and arrested!

This is happening and they need your help! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that Hillary’s server technician, Bryan Pagliano, be charged with Contempt of Congress and apprehended!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily