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Did you hear what White House Spokesman Josh Earnest said?

I’m not going to paraphrase, I’ll just let Josh Earnest's quote do the talking…

“That's why the president, when discussing this issue in each stage, has reiterated his commitment to this principle that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any sort of political interference…”

Josh Earnest referred to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email as a “criminal investigation.” Now, they are desperately trying to backtrack on this. But they can't. They told the truth for the first time and now everyone knows it.

We all know that Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton on Thursday. But do you know what he did immediately after the video of his endorsement was published? He had a meeting at 3:45 with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the one person who will decide whether Hillary Clinton is indicted or not. Maybe they talked about the newest revelations that Hillary Clinton was approving drone strikes from her unsecure email server?

Obama became the first President to endorse an individual under FBI criminal investigation and we’re supposed to believe that him meeting with the Attorney General minutes later had nothing to do with it? What did they talk about, the weather?

The whole thing is crooked beyond belief…

Obama just created a legal conflict of interest by endorsing Hillary Clinton! Force Congress to intervene and DEMAND an impartial, special prosecutor to take over the case!

At every level of the judicial system, prosecutors are forced to step aside when a conflict of interest arises.

We haven’t seen this level of political interference in the judiciary since Nixon and Watergate.

When the prosecutor started to hone in on President Nixon, he would have that man fired and replaced with someone who knew better than to try to indict the President.

What we have now is no different. How can an Obama cabinet official, political appointee, and someone who is 7th in the presidential line of succession be expected to impartially handle Mrs. Clinton’s case when her own boss has declared he wants her to be the next President?

By definition, someone convicted of Espionage Act violations cannot hold the necessary security clearances to fulfill the duties of President.

Barack Obama is not-so-subtly telling his subordinates to stand down. It is literally impossible to endorse someone for President and remain impartial.

We have been waiting for the President to slip-up and this is it! Obama and his appointees can literally no longer preside over Hillary Clinton’s criminal investigation and/or prosecution.

A Special Prosecutor is not legally and ethically required!

It’s time to take this home. Please, join us and DEMAND that Congress force the Obama administration to hand over the case to an independent, special prosecutor!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily