I don’t know if the news could possibly be worse for Hillary Clinton. Her email scandal has completely sunk her campaign to the point that a confessed Socialist is leading her by 9-points in New Hampshire.

We here at Conservative Daily take great pleasure in watching Hillary Clinton fall from grace. It’s enjoyable to watch.

The Clintons should have been in prison a long time ago. It is nice to see their crimes finally catching up to them. By this time next year, the only pantsuit Hillary Clinton will be wearing will be her orange prison jumpsuit.

But even with the growing tide against Hillary, there are still her brainwashed supporters out there and they need to be set straight.

That’s why we’re running a Labor Day special on all of our anti-Hillary Clinton t-shirts!


All three of these shirts are tested around both Conservatives and Liberals. They get high-fives and laughs from Conservatives. They get sneers and insults from Liberals.

The first is simple: Hillary For Prison 2016. There’s nothing better than seeing the look on Hillary supporter’s face when he or she sees their beloved politician’s face behind bars. With the latest news that Hillary Clinton illegally emailed spy satelite images of North Korean nuclear facilities, there is a real possibility that she will end up in the slammer.

Forget the White House. It’s time to send Hillary Clinton to PRISON!

The next t-shirt is also a crowd favorite. One of Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogans is “I’m ready for Hillary!” So, what did we do? We edited it a bit… Now, it reads “I’m ready for Hillary to Retire!”

I personally wore this shirt to the grocery store and it is amazing how both Conservatives and Liberals will react without reading the fine print. Conservatives want to argue with you (until they read the fine print). Liberals wanted to strike up a conservation about how much they love Hillary. I stopped the liberal woman in her tracks and told her to read the shirt again. I watched her mouth the words and then she exploded at me and told me to get a life. Then she stormed off.

I can't explain it, but ruining a liberal's day with this Hillary Clinton t-shirt is one of the most rewarding experiences.


The third shirt we’re running a special on this weekend is a little long-winded, but it is completely true.

“Just Say NO to Monica Lewinsky’s Boyfriend’s Wife!”

That’s ultimately what Hillary Clinton is. What did she accomplish in the Senate? What did she accomplish in the State Department, other than letting 4 Americans die in Benghazi and revealing national security secrets to foreign hackers? NOTHING!

This t-shirt tells it like it is.

These are three great anti-Hillary t-shirts that are all scientifically proven to make liberals’ heads explode. We do all the research and won't sell a single shirt unless it is tested out in the field. I'm telling you, if you ever want to know who's a liberal and who's a conservative, wear this shirt and their politics will reveal themselves.

Buy one, buy two, or buy all three. Get a shirt for your friends or loved ones. Get one for that disillusioned Hillary supporter in your life... There’s literally no better gift than the gift of relishing in Hillary Clinton’s downfall!

Here at Conservative Daily, we employ Conservative designers to bring these t-shirts to life. When you purchase one of these t-shirts, 100% of the profits stay within the Conservative movement and help us create even more shirts to piss the liberals off!

On this Labor Day, I’m asking you make a pledge to work to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming President. And the best part is, you don’t even need to lift a finger! These t-shirts do all the work for you!