Fellow Conservative,

This week, President Donald Trump welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House. During the press conference, Trump said that he was open to any peace deal that the Israelis and Palestinians come to, but that he wouldn’t impose anything onto them.

Within hours, the United Nations shot back with a warning to the White House: Don’t you dare backtrack on giving the Palestinians their own country. There is “no alternative.”

I just want to remind you that this year, YOU will give the United Nations more than $4 billion. That is your money.

What do you get in return? An international organization that is hostile towards everything you stand for.

The UN is still working around the clock to force gun control, climate regulations, and now Palestinian statehood onto the American people.

Just before Trump took office, former-President Obama stepped aside and allowed the UN to pass a resolution against Israel. Republicans in Congress responded by introducing legislation to defund the United Nations.

It is time to force a vote on it!

No more delays! Send your message to Congress and DEMAND they vote on legislation to defund the United Nations!

The support is there to get this bill passed. Trump will sign it.

It takes a lot to get Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham on the same side of an issue.

A year and a half ago, Lindsey Graham infamously said during the Presidential campaign that if someone murdered Ted Cruz and the trial was held in the Senate, there wouldn’t be a conviction. Yes, Graham joked about murdering his colleague.

Now, they are standing shoulder to shoulder in order to withhold funding from the United Nations.

Ted Cruz thinks the UN should be defunded because it is a waste of money. Lindsey Graham is enraged over the UN’s decision to target Israel.

Different people have different reasons for wanting to cut off the United Nations’ funding. What matters is that this pending legislation covers all of their concerns.

It isn’t the why that matters… it’s about how we get it done.

Right now, we have enough votes in the House and Senate to attach this defunding bill to a piece of legislation and to get it passed. We have a President willing to sign it.

The only thing missing is the grassroots demanding that it be put up for a vote.

That is why it is so important for you and every other likeminded Conservative to stand up and demand it!

No more stalling! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to defund the United Nations!

It is laughable that the United Nations would dare “warn” President Trump against setting US policy.

But this was made possible only because of the United States’ funding. Without your tax dollars, the UN wouldn’t even be able to keep the lights on.

No more.

If the United Nations is going to go against the American people or our allies, then they must do it without our funding!

No more delays! Send your message to Congress right now and demand that they vote on legislation to defund the United Nations!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily