The American people spoke on November 8th and they spoke loud and clear. They gave Republicans control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, the White House, and in many ways, the Judiciary. There is nothing left to give the GOP. Yet, they still refuse to enact the agenda that We the People voted for.

The border wall remains unfunded, it is still next to impossible to fire bad employees in the VA, healthcare has stalled, tax reform is months behind schedule, and leadership still refuses to schedule a vote on gun rights legislation.

Even though the GOP theoretically has the votes to pass these bills, we're learning that there are more liberal Republicans than anyone thought. GOP Senators are routinely teaming up with Democrats and even House Republicans are turning their back on the President's agenda.

Fresh off his overseas trip, President Trump just dropped the hammer. He is demanding that Congress go nuclear and destroy the Left's ability to block bills from reaching the President's desk.

Trump just tweeted, "The U.S. Senate should switch to 51 votes, immediately, and get Healthcare and TAX CUTS approved, fast and easy. Dems would do it, no doubt!"

Just like the GOP used the nuclear option to bust through the Democrats' filibuster and place a conservative Justice onto the Supreme Court, Trump is now calling on the GOP leadership to change the rules to completely bypass the Democrats' legislation filibusters as well. 

This is risky. If Democrats retake the White House and Congress in 4-8 years, it would give us less options to block their agenda from going through. But it is even riskier not to take action. If the Democrats retake control of the government, they will do this anyway. We have a once in a generation opportunity to put this country back on the right track. Every single legislative agenda item becomes doable if President Trump's proposal is implemented.

Yet, right now, it takes just nine RINOs and Democrats to block any piece of legislation. Nine votes should not have the power to negate an entire Presidential election!

No more.

Kill the Democrats' filibusters! Send your urgent message to Congress and force them to go nuclear and change the rules in Congress to pass President Trump's agenda items!

Despite what the fake news media says, President Trump is keeping all of the promises that he has complete control over. When it comes to what falls under his executive authority, he is under budget and ahead of schedule. A conservative Justice has been added to the Supreme Court, Obama's radical environmental regulations have been dismantled, other job-killing regulations were eliminated, Obama's gun ban executive order has been destroyed, he is withdrawing from the UN Climate Treaty, and American respect abroad is being restored.

Congress, however, is failing you.

Under the current rules, it takes a super majority in the Senate to put legislation onto the President's desk. That means that at least eight Senate Democrats need to sign onto a bill before the Senate can pass it, but even that requires complete Republican unity. 

What we've seen so far is that the GOP is refusing to back the President's plans. Liberal Republicans like Susan Collins (R-ME) and John McCain (R-AZ) are actually threatening to block Trump's agenda, specifically on immigration, healthcare, and the budget. McCain went so far as to say that the President's budget proposal, including the wall on the southern border, is "dead on arrival." House Republicans see that bills are unable to pass the Senate and see no negative in voting against conservative legislation.

Democrats see this chaos and believe that they can vote against the President without consequence. There are ten Democratic Senators up for re-election in states that Trump won - five are from states Trump won by 10+ percent - and yet they see no downside to voting against the President because Republicans are too busy sabotaging his agenda.

What President Trump is demanding will put an end to this. Republicans would no longer be able to hide behind the cloture rules and vote against bills because the Democrats are as well. On the flipside, when these common-sense bills like concealed carry reciprocity and the border wall have a clear path, vulnerable Democrats will feel real pressure to break with their party's leadership.

There is so much potential here. We have the ability to reshape the American landscape for generations. But right now, Congress' rules do not allow it. Right now, a handful of liberal Republicans and Democrats are able to stop anything from getting done.

It is time to change that!

Don't accept inaction! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that the go nuclear and dismantle the Democrats and RINOs' obstructionist filibusters!

Like I said, this is risky. Eliminating the filibuster in the Senate could come back to bite us if the Democrats retake control of the government. But it is far riskier to let fear paralyze us into accepting this inaction.

Make no mistake: the next time the Democrats take control of the government, they will eliminate the filibuster. They will change the Senate rules to make it easier to push their liberal proposals through.

The only thing that we are demanding is that Republicans do it first and take advantage of this unique opportunity we have to reshape the country.

Everything is possible if we can force the GOP to go nuclear. We will finally have the ability to build the wall, expand the 2nd Amendment, repeal and replace Obamacare, create a simpler and fairer tax code, and completely dismantle Barack Obama's legacy.

This is the fight of our time. This is the fight that the history books will write about. When my grandchildren and great-grandchildren ask what I did to put this country on the right track, I want the answer to be "everything I possibly could."

What will your answer be?

Nuke them until they glow! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and force them to use the nuclear option and change the rules to dismantle the left's obstructionist filibusters!