Fellow Conservative,

It is happening. Today, Donald Trump will sign an executive order instructing the Federal government to begin work on a wall along our southern border. It is also being reported that President Trump will personally oversee parts of the construction process.

Thanks to a law that the Democrats pushed through in 2006, it is perfectly legal for Trump to begin the construction. But he needs the funding. The White House contends that Mexico will pay, one way or another. But in order for construction to begin, it needs to be funded now.

That is where Democrats and, yes, some turncoat Republicans are stepping in and promising to block the border wall’s construction!

Chuck Schumer has already promised that the Democrats in the Senate will vote against the border wall’s funding unless Trump passes their amnesty legislation. If they are able to convince just two other Republicans to vote against the wall, they can completely block it.

Draw your line in the sand! Tell Congress you will remove from office anyone who votes against Donald Trump’s border wall funding!

Just two. That is all it takes. Two turncoat Republicans siding with the Democrats can cut off the funding.

Will it be Senator Lindsey Graham? He said on the campaign trail in 2015 that he “certainly wouldn't vote for" a wall?

Will it be Senator John McCain, who called Trump supporters “crazies” for pressing for a border wall?

Or Senator Jeff Flake who said last summer that a border wall was “not advisable?”

Maybe Sen. Lisa Murkowski will vote against the border wall, given the fact that she has co-sponsored legislation to make Obama’s amnesty programs permanent?

Take your pick.

Trump is doing his part and making good on his promises. If he resigned tomorrow, he would have accomplished more in five days than Obama did in eight years.

But he can only do so much on his own. He needs Congress to appropriate the money. And for that to happen, it is up to us to shame these turncoat Republicans into bending the knee!

Now it’s up to us! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they fund Donald Trump’s entire border wall or else you’ll remove them from office!

I don’t trust these turncoat Republicans one bit and there is absolutely no reason to.

They spent the last year and a half devoting all of their time to saying that Donald Trump’s border wall proposal would never happen. They even promised to vote against it if ever given the chance.

Now, that vote is fast approaching.

There will be defections. There will be Republicans who are too spineless to vote for border security.

It is up to YOU to make sure that every single Member of Congress understands that a vote against the border wall is political suicide!

No surrender! Send your FaxBlast to all of Congress and FORCE them to fund Trump’s border wall or else!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily