Dear Conservative,

Eric Holder’s own aides have been caught trying to collaborate with Democrat congressmen to undermine the Congressional investigation into the IRS scandal!

A few days ago, Brian Fallon, a senior communications aid for Eric Holder, picked up the phone to call Rep. Elijah Cummings’ staffers. As you might remember, Elijah Cummings is the ranking Democrat on the House Government Oversight Committee and he has repeatedly made news trying to impede the investigation into Lois Lerner and the IRS.

Brian Fallon placed the call to Cummings’ staff, asking them to release sensitive documents to “selected reporters” only so that the DOJ could publicly comment on it before the rest of the media got a hold of them. If Democrats on the panel could give friendly reporters early access to breaking news, then the DOJ could spin the developments and get ahead of the story, aka spew propaganda.

There’s only one problem, while Brian Fallon meant to call Elijah Cummings’ staff, he accidentally dialed the wrong number. Instead, he ended up calling Rep. Darrell Issa’s office, the Republican in charge of the IRS investigation!

This proves, beyond a doubt, what we have known all along: Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has no desire to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal and instead has devoted all of its resources towards fighting the Congressional investigation!

This is Eric Holder’s doing and Congress MUST impeach Holder once and for all!

The DOJ is collaborating with Democrats to interfere with the IRS investigation! You MUST tell Congress to IMPEACH Eric Holder once and for all!

Darrell Issa’s staff played along after they realized how damning the phone call was. Eventually, Brian Fallon placed the call on hold and three minutes later he came back to the phone call “audibly shaken.”

Eric Holder’s senior aide tried to spin the phone call and walk back his plan to undermine the Congressional investigation, but by that time it was too late…

The Department of Justice has officially been transformed into the Department of Propaganda!

This is the culture that Eric Holder has instilled within the IRS. He has turned the nation’s law enforcement department into nothing but a cover for the Obama administration’s crimes and he must be impeached and removed from the DOJ for this!

Before you ask, yes, Congress can impeach a cabinet official. A cabinet member hasn't been impeached since 1876 when Congress impeached Secretary of War William W. Belknap for graft (political corruption). Yes, it is extremely rare to impeach a sitting cabinet member, but it is also entirely constitutional!

It makes complete sense. Since the Constitution gives Congress the authority to approve cabinet nominations, it is only logical that the legislative body should also have the power to decide when high crimes and misdemeanors make it impossible for someone to effectively do their job.

Now, we are in a situation where the Department of Justice is actively coordinating with Democrats to spin developments in the IRS scandal and stop YOU from hearing the truth!

The DOJ is supposed to pursue justice, not cover up for the administration’s crimes!

The DOJ is supposed to work towards the truth, not collaborate with politicians to deliver propaganda to citizens!

Eric Holder must go! His removal is long overdue!

He is refusing to prosecute criminals within the Obama administration and now he is conspiring with Democrat lawmakers to create propaganda!

Articles of Impeachment against Eric Holder are already on file. John Boehner has been sitting on this resolution for months. All it takes now is an up or down vote to impeach Eric Holder!

You need to pressure EVERY Member of Congress and demand that they force a vote to hold Eric Holder accountable for all of his crimes!

The DOJ is collaborating with Democrats to interfere with the IRS investigation! Tell Congress to IMPEACH Eric Holder once and for all!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily