Political scientists now estimate that America is more politically divided than at any other point since the end of the Civil War. Some even estimate that the political divisions run deeper and burn hotter than what the country experienced in the lead up to the Civil War.

But there is one thing big thing that practically all Americans agree with: Members of Congress should have term limits. A recent poll shows that more than 82% of Americans want term limits for members of Congress. That breaks down to 89% of Republicans, 76% of Democrats, and 83% of all Independents.

Last year, Ted Cruz listened to the American people introduced a term limits constitutional amendment. Mitch McConnell condemned the bill and swore that it would never see the light of day.

Well, Senator Cruz isn't one to give up. When the new Congress began this year, Ted Cruz's office was first in line to reintroduce the bill. Because they were first, the bill is now titled Senate Judicial Resolution 1.

Like so many of Cruz's bills, this one is short and to the point. It limits Congressmen to serving just three terms in office (6 years) and for Senators to serve only two terms (12 years). After that, politicians would be forced to retire.

The age of career politicians would officially come to an end.

President Trump is on board and just promised to sign the resolution if it reaches his desk. The resolutions in the House and Senate continue to gain co-sponsors. Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) and Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) just officially signed on.

But Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi continue to block this term limit bill from getting a vote!

Stop Pelosi and McConnell from killing the term limit bill! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to push Ted Cruz's term limits resolution through, no matter what it takes!

It's no secret why people like Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer don't want this bill to pass. All three have each "served" in Congress for more than 30 years.

I will ask you this simple question: what new and fresh ideas can politicians possibly bring to the table after "serving" three or even four decades in office?

The only people that these career politicians "serve" by staying in office this long is themselves.

But Ted Cruz's bill would finally return the United States Congress to the service model that the Founders intended. It would finally become the People's House.

Another resolution floating through Congress would simply cut Congressional pay and benefits once someone spends too much time in office (but would not actually force them out). While this resolution means well, the fact of the matter is that 40% of all Congressmen and Senators in office are millionaires. Other resolutions change the number of years that Congressmen and Senators are allowed to serve before being forced to retire.

There is plenty of room to debate how we want to impose term limits, but we need to have that debate. Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi have joined forces to block any term limit bill from reaching the floor.

Luckily, the Founding Fathers knew that a day would come when a handful of Congressional leaders would stand in the way of important change. There is a way for Congressmen and Senators can bypass the leadership and force a vote on important resolutions.

Up until this point, Congressional Republicans have been willing to defy the leadership on term limits, but they always stop short of trying to force the vote. They're willing to add their name to the amendment, but aren't willing to do everything in their power to force the vote.

That changes today. Ted Cruz is moving forward no matter what. If Pelosi and Schumer won't allow the vote, he is going to ram it through anyway!

Don't let the GOP and Democrats block term limits! Send your instant message to Congress right now and ORDER them to pass Ted Cruz's term limit amendment, or else!

This is our best chance to drain the swamp and kick these career politicians to the curb.

You cannot allow a handful of career politicians to tighten their grip on power like this.

Cruz has gotten Marco Rubio (FL), Mike Lee (UT), Thom Tillis (NC), David Perdue (GA), Mike Braun (IN), Ben Sasse (NE), Steve Daines (MT), Rick Scott (FL), Rand Paul (KY), Pat Toomey (PA), and Todd Young (IN) to sign on. Dozens of House Republicans have joined the push as well. And most importantly, President Trump is promising to do everything in his power to push it through.

The momentum is on our side. Please, whatever you do, don't let a handful of career politicians block it!

Don't let McConnell and Pelosi block Ted Cruz's term limit resolution! Send your instant message to Congress right now and DEMAND they pass S.J. Res. 1 and kick career politicians to the curb!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily