Last year, President Trump kept a campaign promise by ending Barack Obama's DACA amnesty program. The executive order was unconstitutional. The President has no right to rewrite immigration law.

The law is clear that illegal aliens cannot live or work here. President Obama decided he wasn't going to follow the law and instead chose to give these illegal aliens work permits.

Trump ended the program, but instituted a 6 month delay.

The liberal activist courts, however, have halted Trump's plans. Even though Obama's original executive was unconstitutional, multiple liberal judges have ruled that Trump must continue handing out the amnesty papers that Obama promised.

Well, Trump appealed to the Supreme Court and they just rejected the case. And just like that, Obama and Clinton judges have saved Obama's amnesty.

Liberals and RINOs are ecstatic. With this ruling, they can keep Obama's amnesty on the books without having to pass ANY of President Trump's immigration demands. No wall. No end to chain migration. No end to a visa lottery. 

Just open borders and more amnesty...

Don't let this happen! Send your instant FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to kill Obama's amnesty and build the wall, or else!

These activist judges never questioned whether Obama could invent an amnesty program out of thin air. They have all ruled that the President has the right to create amnesty programs.

But now that Trump is using the same power to end the program, they are declaring that it can't be done. A judge in New York even went so far as saying that Trump must keep the program because he has said bad things about illegal aliens.

This is getting out of control. The appeal to the Supreme Court was supposed to end this madness, but the Justices have declined to take the case. That means that it will go back to the 9th Circuit for appeals.

The activist 9th Circuit... The most anti-Trump Circuit Court in the entire country...

Where is Congress? They're celebrating.

Liberals only care about amnesty. Trump offered a trade: amnesty for Obama's illegals in exchange for a border wall and serious changes to America's legal immigration policy.

Democrats were finally being forced to the table to accept Trump's demands and now this Supreme Court ruling has flipped the whole debate.

The Supreme Court has said that the amnesty program will not end on March 5. Republicans are now demanding the President's immigration package and moving on. 

Do not let them do this!

Are you going to let these judges do this? Tell Congress right now to kill Obama's amnesty and build the wall, or else be removed from office!

Last week, one of Obama's "dreamers" was arrested in upstate New York. Abigail Hernandez was arrested after she threatened to shoot up her school. She posted online that she was "coming tomorrow morning and [going] to shoot all of ya b*****s."

Hernandez was a DACA recipient, one of the people that Democrats keep saying are more law-abiding than Americans.

Thanks to the Supreme Court, Hernandez and others like her are going to be allowed to stay in the country. Obama's amnesty policies have been resurrected. 

Republicans in Congress are happy. They get to keep giving illegals amnesty without being forced to honor their oaths to build a wall.

They truly think that they can stab you and millions of other Americans in the back on this.

Do not go quietly. Do not allow these activist judges to rewrite immigration law to make Obama's amnesty permanent.

Fight back before it's too late! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they end Obama's amnesty programs and pass the President's border security proposals!