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On Wednesday, the State Department released another batch of Hillary Clinton emails. This release includes 371 of the 15,000 emails that the Clintons tried to destroy, but the FBI recovered off of her laptop.

Of these, at least 14 of the emails contain Classified information.

They include discussions about NATO strategies, Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, secret intelligence from Hamas, and a whole slew of other Middle Eastern countries.

Many of the emails are completely, or almost completely, redacted because of classifications dealing with the US government’s confidential sources. In some cases, Hillary Clinton is seen forwarding this classified material to Oscar Flores, one of Bill Clinton’s aides, so that he can “please print” them for her.

Whether Flores held a security clearance at one time is irrelevant. He was not permitted to access compartmentalized classified documents!

Send Congress this new smoking gun! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt of Congress for lying under oath about sending classified emails!

The Obama administration is trying to sweep this under the rug by claiming that these new emails are “near duplicates.” Yes, we have seen many of these email bodies before. But what we just learned that the FBI recovered is evidence that Hillary Clinton was forwarding these classified documents to non-governmental employees so they could print them out for her.

This is literally the textbook definition of removing classified documents from their proper place of custody…

I have no doubt that people like Oscar Flores may have once held a security clearance, but I’d love to know how a retired Navy Reserve Chief Culinary Specialist could possibly have held a Top-Secret clearance.

Yes, Hillary Clinton sent classified information to a retired Navy chef…

Even if he did have some sort of a security clearance, that doesn’t give him the legal authority to access classified documents in the State Department. Someone can hold a Top Secret clearance at the Department of Energy but it would still be illegal for them to look at files pertaining to the US drone program, for example.

Here is an email with FOUR pages of complete redactions. They have been marked classified for containing “foreign government information” and “foreign activities of the United States, including confidential sources” and will remain redacted until the year 2024.

There are dozens of examples of emails like this… Why won't the GOP take action?

These emails show that Hillary Clinton was not only in possession of classified information, but she forwarded the documents to a non-governmental employee’s private email account so he could print them for her. Then, the Clinton camp tried to destroy the evidence that the documents were forwarded.

This is an open and shut Espionage Act case!

Congress needs this new evidence! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they file Contempt of Congress charges against Hillary Clinton!

Hillary Clinton was under a legal obligation to safeguard all of her government documents, including emails. This was especially true after Congress delivered a subpoena and preservation order to her.

There is a legal principle known as the “spoliation of evidence.” When someone is under a preservation order and they destroy evidence linking them to a crime, it is legally permissible to assume that they destroyed the evidence to hide their guilt.

Here the FBI recovered evidence that Hillary Clinton was forwarding Classified materials to non-governmental employees’ private email accounts and asking them to print the documents for her. And yet, the Obama administration just let her off the hook.

It is up to us to make sure Congress doesn’t do the same!

Our biggest fear was that Hillary would win the Presidency and use her victory to shut down the investigations. What does it say about us if we allow her losing the election to do the same?

This is the smoking gun! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they use this new evidence to hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt!


Joe Otto

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