Fellow Conservative,

Today is a wonderful day. Barack Obama’s own State Department has completed its audit and determined that Hillary Clinton is to blame for everything surrounding her email crimes.

Not only that, but as you read this, a Romanian hacker is in court today pleading guilty to hacking into Hillary Clinton and others’ email accounts. As a part of his plea deal, he won’t be punished heavily and in return, he has agreed to testify before a jury about how easy it was for him to hack into Hillary Clinton’s email server and access Top Secret files.

And to top it all off, one of Hillary Clinton’s lead fundraisers, Virginia’s sitting-Governor Terry McAuliffe, is now also under investigation for violating campaign finance laws.

The curtain is closing, folks.

The FBI is concluding its interrogations of Hillary Clinton’s former aides. Rumors are that they could interrogate Hillary herself as soon as next week.

She’s guilty. She mishandled government documents and put American security, and the lives of personnel, at risk.

But the Obama administration still refuses to prosecute!

Don’t let Hillary Clinton get away with these blatant crimes! Please, send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to replace Loretta Lynch with an independent and impartial prosecutor

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is not in Washington DC preparing to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Instead, she is in North Carolina officially beginning her lawsuit against the state’s transgender bathroom law.

If you ever wanted to see how far off base the Obama administration is, while the Democratic frontrunner and previous Secretary of State is under criminal investigation, the administration is more interested in deciding which bathroom 0.2% of the population is using…

It’s just so backwards. But, I digress...

The walls are crumbling around Hillary Clinton.

Everything she has claimed up until this point about the investigation has been proven to be a complete lie. She broke the law, tried to cover it up, destroyed government documents in the process, and put American secrets at risk for espionage.

And the White House's official position? They are saying that Hillary Clinton has done nothing wrong.

Every time an administration official has come under investigation, Barack Obama has always said that he will not comment on an ongoing investigation. On this case, the President of the United States has already said she did nothing wrong.

How can these people be expected to impartially handle the case? They can’t!

We have all the wind at our back. With the State Department’s audit results, the Romanian hacker’s plea deal, and Hillary’s top fundraiser coming under FBI investigation, now is the time to strike!

If you want to put Hillary behind bars, then you need to get loud NOW!

Please, take the time to FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they push for a special independent prosecutor to go after Hillary for her espionage act violations!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily