When Congress refused to fund the border wall again this year, Pres. Trump decided to move forward on his own. He used his lawful authority under the National Emergencies Act and declared a national emergency at the southern border.

At the time, more than a hundred thousand illegal aliens were streaming across the border every month. Border Patrol agents were being completely overwhelmed. It was absolutely an emergency.

Trump's executive order allowed the administration to 'reprogram' billions to allow border wall construction to start. The Army Corps of Engineers acquired the land and signed contracts with construction firms to put up 505 miles of new border wall.

Liberals freaked out. All across the country, Leftist organizations and cities filed lawsuits to try and block the border wall construction. After a number of these radical rulings, the cases finally made their way to the Supreme Court. And in a 5-4 ruling, the nation's highest Court ruled that the President was likely to prevail and that therefore, border wall construction can continue.

Since then, the Trump administration has finished more than 71 miles of new border wall and plans to put up another 450 miles by the next election.

But now, a lone Clinton Judge is trying to stop all of that. Judge David Briones (pictured above) just ruled that the border wall construction is illegal. He said he plans to defy the Supreme Court order and shut the construction project down!

Don't let the Left win! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to protect Trump's border wall funding before Democrats strip it all away!

We are so close to winning this fight! We finally have border wall sections going up. Over the next 12 months, the administration will more than double the pedestrian border fencing that was in place when Trump took the oath of office.

But all that is about the end. As soon as Clinton Judge Briones issues his final ruling, the construction projects will grind to a halt.

Trump will then have to appeal it to the 2nd Circuit, and then to the Supreme Court. We know that the Supreme Court believes the national emergency order is legal. Trump will win this when it finally reaches the Supreme Court, and the Left knows it.

Their ultimate goal is to run out the clock. The minute that Trump took office, Democrats and Establishment Republicans agreed block the wall from going up. And they did just that. Paul Ryan denied Trump the funds, Mitch McConnell denied Trump the funds, and then when Nancy Pelosi took over the House, she blocked the wall funding as well.

When Trump issued his executive order, the House and Senate voted not once, but TWICE to revoke the national emergency and shut down the border wall construction. And while two dozen Republicans voted with Democrat both times, they came up short of the two-thirds necessary to override Trump's veto.

But now, this radical Clinton Judge's ruling just opened up the door for the Establishment to strike back again.

Congress has the power of the purse. They have the authority to decide what the government can and cannot spend on. Starting on Tuesday, Congress will begin voting on next year's appropriation bills in order to prevent another government shutdown.

Tucked away in those bills are a number of poison pills designed to cancel all border wall construction for good. In the Homeland Security spending bill, there is an anti-border wall amendment tucked away in Section 227. There is also an amendment blocking all Pentagon funding in Section 2801 of the Defense Department appropriations bill. Even the Health and Human Services Bill, which governs a lot of migrant detention funding, includes provisions preventing the President from reprogramming those funds for border security.

The Establishment wants to make Trump a one-term President and they want to make sure that he leaves office without building the wall.

If this bill passes, they will succeed!

Don't give up now! Rise up and help us bury Congress in FaxBlasts DEMANDING that they kill these anti-border wall poison pill amendments... or else!

This is a fight for the future of our country. How do you want the History books to tell this story?

When my grandchildren and great grandchildren learn about this border wall fight, I want them to learn that this is the moment we restored America's sovereignty. That this is the moment when we finally secured the border and put a stop to the invasion.

This is our one shot to finish this fight.

The Activist judges are standing against Trump and now the Establishments of both parties are vowing to shut down the border wall construction for good.

President Trump feels like he is all alone. But he isn't alone... he has YOU!

This is the fight...

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily