Fellow Conservative,

Barack Obama just issued another executive order and this one will put thousands of gunsmiths out of business.

The Obama administration, by executive fiat, has redefined the term “firearm manufacturer” to include anyone who makes living from altering or repairing a firearm.

Yes, with one strike of the pen, the Obama administration just regulated most gunsmiths out of business entirely!

Don’t let this happen! FaxBlast Congress and FORCE them to block Obama’s new anti-gun executive order!

Obama can’t touch American firearms law. The law explicitly covers what constitutes a manufacturer and what constitutes a gunsmith.

The problem, however, lies with the State Department’s authority over International Traffic in Arms Regulations, the regulatory system that governs the exporting of arms materials.

Because the United States belongs to a number of international arms agreements, including the UN Arms Trade Treaty, which Obama signed without Congressional approval, Barack H. Obama has the power to supersede American firearms law by executive decree.

Even though American firearms law explicitly defines what constitutes a “gunsmith,” the Obama administration is now regulating mom-and-pop gun stores and gunsmiths in the same category as firearms manufactures that ship firearms abroad.

Let me explain:

The law that governs ITAR allows the Federal government to regulate any arms-related item that may be exported abroad. A firearms-related company need not engage in international commerce to fall under ITAR. All that is required is that they produce an arms-related item that is capable of being exported.

With a single stroke of the pen, Obama just took your neighborhood gunsmith or gun store and lumped them into the same category as international arms merchants.

But it gets worse. In order to accomplish this horrible executive order, Obama had to redefine the term “arms manufacturer” to include anyone who earns a living by altering or repairing a firearm.

The administration’s logic is apparently that your neighbor who fixes guns part-time in his garage might try to service weapons for warlords abroad. To anyone with a shred of common-sense, it is easy to see how ludicrous this is.

Obama has gone too far! Please, send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand they stop Obama from putting gunsmiths and gun stores out of business!

The unfortunate truth is that if this regulatory change is allowed to go through, any gun store or gunsmith that repairs or alters firearms will now be forced to pay thousands of dollars in fees and operate under the same regulatory burdens as international arms merchants.

Gunsmiths are going to start going out of business. Gun stores will stop offering gunsmith services all together. As if working with the ATF wasn’t bad enough, now these gunsmiths will have to work with the Department of State.

Another perfectly legal profession bites the dust under Barack Obama.

Here is the good news: this isn’t final yet. Any executive order or regulatory change can be blocked by Congress.

We have succeeded in the past in calling attention to obscure regulatory changes and convincing a Congressman or Senator to join the fight to roll it back. And all of those successes were thanks to YOU.

But we need to launch a full attack here. If this regulatory change goes through, thousands of gunsmiths and gun stores will go out of business. That is a fact.

You can’t let Obama get away with this!

Another day, another anti-gun executive order. Quick, FaxBlast Congress and demand this new executive order be overturned immediately!


Max McGuire

Conservative Daily