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Tomorrow, Secretary of State John Kerry is travelling to Paris to meet world leaders and discuss imposing a “peace agreement” on Israel.

If you’re buying into the news narrative that the Obama administration is over, think again. They’re going all the way to January 20th, kicking and screaming.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has blasted the Paris Conference as being rigged against Israel. And he is right.

This conference isn’t about peace. It’s about finishing what the Obama administration started a week or so ago and cutting Israel off at the knees.

Make no mistake. Whatever framework emerges from this conference will be put to a vote at the UN. The French have already scheduled a press conference alongside the Palestinian representatives.

When it gets to the UN, it will be up to Obama to decide whether the attacks against Israel succeed and he’s already proven willing to step aside to allow just that!

Join the fight! Please send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they pass Ted Cruz’s UN defunding legislation!

Yesterday, Ted Cruz held press interviews to announce the formal introduction of his legislation to defund the United Nations.

The effort to defund the United Nations is part of Donald Trumps First 100 Days plan.

The globalists see the writing on the wall. They know that in just a week’s time, their plot is finished. The Pushover in Chief will be out of power.

For weeks, we have been hearing about a plot to seize Israel’s territory just before Trump’s inauguration. To put it in perspective, that’s what they’re talking about when they say “peace process.”

Not dissimilar to Barack Obama’s economic policies, the UN wants to take from one party and give to another.

In seven days, they lose the ability to do this. Trump will have the power to veto any resolution filed in the Security Council.

But until then, they have a clear path… unless they are defunded!

The time to defund the United Nations is now. Congress needs to send a clear message that if the globalists and leftists continue down this path, they are looking at losing more than $3 billion in funding.

When Saudi Arabia was recently added to a UN list of human rights abusers, the Saudis threatened to pull their funding from the UN: all $3 million of it. The UN backed down.

Multiply that by a thousand and that is what the UN stands to lose if Ted Cruz’s defunding bill is signed into law.

Don’t let Obama and Kerry get away with this! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pass Ted Cruz’s bill to defund the United Nations!

The announcements are already set. John Kerry is packing his bags for one last trip abroad to try to cement Obama’s anti-Israel legacy.

We have an opportunity, right now, to prevent this from happening. Obama’s refusal to veto the last UN resolution caught many of us off-guard.

This time, his intentions are crystal clear.

The only reason any of this treachery is possible is because American taxpayers pay for 1/4 of all of the UN's operating costs. You give them $3 billion a year.

It is time to pull the plug!

Join the fight! Please send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they pass Ted Cruz’s UN defunding legislation!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily