It is finally happening. Deep State Official Rod Rosenstein has defied Congress and refused to hand over unredacted copies of James Comey's memos. Now, articles of impeachment have been drafted to remove him from office!

James Comey broke the law. He took four of his memos and gave them to a friend with the explicit instruction for him to give it to the media. That isn't up for debate. James Comey has already admitted to doing that.

Senator Chuck Grassley released a bombshell report that of the seven total memos that Comey wrote, four of them contained classified information. What that means is that at least one of the memos that Comey leaked was classified. He broke the law.

Congress issued a subpoena to the Justice Department a year ago demanding copies of Comey's memo. What the DOJ sent them was a joke. It was almost completely redacted. The reason? Some of the information was classified.

For the past year, Conservatives in Congress have been demanding the Deep State hand over the un-redacted versions of the Comey memos. They have stalled and flat-out refused to comply.

They want to have it both ways. The memos apparently weren't classified enough to throw Comey in jail, but they're too classified to give to Congress.

It doesn't work like that... James Comey just released a memoir that draws on the contents of the memos. Yet, the DOJ and FBI are refusing to hand them over to Congress.

It's time to clean house! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they remove Rod Rosenstein!

A week ago, Rep. Mark Meadows became the first Congressman to openly talk about impeaching the Deputy Attorney General. He described impeachment as "one of the tools" Congress has in its toolbox.

We can now confirm that articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein have been drafted. They haven't been filed yet, but the resolution is fully written.

Rosenstein faced a deadline yesterday to hand over Comey's memos. He ignored the deadline and told Congress he "needed more time."

Deep State officials had no problem approving Comey's book. But Congress requesting to see the same exact documents is apparently too much for them to handle.

Already, establishment Congressmen and Senators are rushing to extend the deadline. That's not good enough!

Rod Rosenstein must be removed from office!

Impeachment now! Send your instant message to Congress and demand they hold Rosenstein in Contempt and remove him for defying a Congressional subpoena!

Rosenstein controls the Mueller investigation. Firing him would not only end the cover-up we're seeing, but it would give President Trump the authority to nominate a replacement. That replacement would then decide whether Mueller should be shutdown.

Members of Congress have listened to you. The articles of impeachment against Rosenstein have already been drafted.

For the first time, Conservatives in Congress are actually fighting back against the Deep State. 

We have a real chance -- right now -- to blow the DOJ/FBI cover-up wide open AND end the Deep State's witch hunt against President Trump.

It is time to go on offense. We cannot afford to miss this opportunity!

Please, send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and force them to hold Rod Rosenstein in Contempt of Congress and impeach him for covering up the Deep State's crimes!