Fellow Conservative,

It was a big weekend for news in Washington DC. Despite the administration’s best efforts, a Federal judge actually forced them to release some of Hillary’s emails on time!

And lo and behold, out of the 500, over 80 contained classified information. A whopping 15% of all of the “work related emails” released so far contained classified information of some kind.

But unlike these the times in the past when Hillary’s emails “retroactively classified” – that’s that the Hillary campaign is calling it – the Inspector General went out of his way to say that Hillary sent and received information that was classified at the time.

A matador doesn’t kill a fresh bull. He waits for it to be stuck a few times before taking that final strike.

That is what we are seeing right now. Hillary Clinton is experiencing death by 1,666 classified emails. That’s the total so far.

But there is no way that the Department of Justice pushes for an indictment. Absolutely no way. You know how Madeleine Albright said there’s a special place in Hell reserved for women who don’t help Hillary Clinton get elected?

Well, Attorney General Loretta Lynch is one of those women answering the call to help her. We’ve gotten word that she is absolutely refusing to allow the case to go forward.

So this leaves us with a choice. We can either stop now and just accept that Hillary Clinton, like her husband, is above the law. Or, we can launch a Congressional investigation into this with full prosecutorial powers!

Time to throw the book at Hillary! Force Congress to open a full investigation with prosecutorial power into Hillary Clinton’s crimes!

In the eyes of the intelligence community, what Hillary did is treason. She put America’s national security at risk.

That is why the FBI and others investigating this are absolutely livid. From the get-go, she conspired to deliberately circumvent the law to hide her emails from oversight.

The FBI is going to recommend that charges be filed and Loretta Lynch will say no. That’s the name of the game. The Obama administration protects its own from prosecution. Hillary Clinton will be just like Eric Holder and Lois Lerner.

This isn’t a Left versus Right issue. This is about making sure that a woman who put national security at risk for personal convenience doesn’t get possession of the nuclear football. Democrats are allowing party loyalty to blind themselves to Hillary’s malfeasance.

But with these new emails, and the revelation that information was in fact classified from the very beginning, we have a chance to move forward with this and FORCE Congress to launch its own prosecutorial investigation!

Demand a Special Prosecutor! Tell Congress to STOP the Obama administration from shielding Hillary from prosecution!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily