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When Hillary Clinton left the State Department, she had a legal obligation to safeguard and turn over all of her government-related documents. This requirement makes up the backbone of the Federal Records Act.

The only way to ensure that government records are preserved is to threaten employees with real consequences if they lose or destroy records.

This is why one of the earliest promises that Hillary made when this scandal broke was that she “turned everything over.” She even made this statement to Congress, under oath.

Anything short of that would be admitting a crime.

But we now know for a fact that she did not hand over all of her work-related documents. Clinton’s aides did everything in their power to wipe the email server clean, but it wasn’t good enough. The FBI recovered 15,000 deleted emails from Hillary’s server.

Of those 15,000, there have been 5,600 that were deemed work-related. Roughly half of them (2,800) are being seen by the State Department for the first time.

A Federal judge just ruled that the State Department will be allowed to release the majority of these emails after the election. Hillary destroyed 2,800 government records and she may have just succeeded in covering them up!

Don’t let them cover up Hillary’s crimes! FaxBlast Congress here and DEMAND they seize Hillary’s deleted emails!

It is really remarkable.

The subpoenas and FOIA requests began arriving at the State Department last year. The State Dept. has had these 2,800 newly discovered emails since this July. They are only getting around to processing these new documents now.

The whole thing is a sham. There is a reason that these 2,800 emails were deleted instead of preserved and there is a reason that the State Department’s release timeline, which was approved by a judge, has the majority of the new emails being released after the General Election.

They’re trying to run out the clock, and it’s working…

Congress subpoenaed these records last year. What the State Department is doing is illegal.

They can stonewall a citizen or private organization all they want, but they cannot deny a co-equal branch of government the right to view these records.

This week, we learned that the State Department is devoting extra manpower to processing as many citizenship applications as possible, under the assumption that new citizens will vote against Trump.

Meanwhile, they are saying they don’t have the manpower to process 2,800 documents before November 8th, even though they took possession of these documents back in July.

The whole thing just stinks of corruption…

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to just resign ourselves to accepting that Hillary is going to get away with it.

You have the power to stop this!

There are just 45 days until the election. Hillary thinks she’s going to be able to keep her deleted emails a secret.

Prove her wrong! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they seize Hillary’s newly discovered emails!


Joe Otto

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