Another day, another activist judge intervening to prevent illegal alien criminals from being prosecuted.

This time, the news came from Texas. US District Judge Orlando Luis Garcia issued an injunction, blocking Texas' sanctuary city ban from going into effect. While this applies to this one state law, the decision has implications for the Trump administration's nationwide crackdown. Not surprisingly, he is a Clinton-appointee and the same Judge who overturned Texas' ban on same sex marriage.

In his decision, Judge Garcia allows law enforcement to ask suspects about their immigration status, but they are not allowed to act on any information they learn. Not only that, but the Judge determined that any attempt to force a police officer to take action against an illegal alien criminal would violate his or her free speech rights.

That's right. This liberal judge is claiming that liberal mayors and police chiefs have a 1st Amendment right to release illegal alien criminals back onto the streets.

"The government may disagree with certain viewpoints, but they cannot ban them just because they are inconsistent with the view that the government seeks to promote," he wrote in his decision.

Earlier last week, a court in California dismissed a lawsuit against the Trump administration's sanctuary city crackdown. Seeing that he needed to use a different reason, this judge is now trying to make sanctuary cities a free-speech issue... 

Don't let this one liberal, activist judge protect these sanctuary cities! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they defund sanctuary cities in this month's budget or else face the consequences!

The implications of this ruling are serious. This will undermine the Trump administration's attempts to force sanctuary cities into compliance with Federal law.

Earlier this week, we reported about a case in Santa Rosa, California. In early August, local police arrested an illegal alien on domestic violence charges. The Trump administration notified the jail that they wanted to deport him - since he was savagely beating his girlfriend - and the Santa Rosa police refused to hand him over. They notified ICE just 16 minutes before he was released from jail, nowhere near enough warning for Federal agents to make it to the jail on time.

Two weeks later, this illegal alien was back at home beating his girlfriend. Except, this time, he killed her.

Under this Federal court ruling, we are supposed to believe that the Santa Rosa Police Department has a 1st Amendment right to let an illegal alien violent criminal out of jail so he can kill his girlfriend. If the officer or police chief disagrees with federal immigration law, Judge Garcia says they have the right to free expression and can set them free or refuse to hand them over.

This is how deranged the left has become!

Right now, the President is fighting this on his own. He is trying to implement a sanctuary city ban by executive order, but he is running into roadblocks. He needs your help with forcing Congress to act!. He needs Congress to pass next year's budget with strings attached. He needs Congress to write into the budget that all recipients of Federal grants must comply and cooperate with Federal immigration investigations.

The good news? Congress has to start voting on budget bills next week. The timing couldn't be better.

If we are going to put an end to sanctuary cities, it has to be now. Otherwise, they will be allowed to exercise their "free speech" for another year!

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There is no constitutional right to let illegal alien criminals back onto the street. There is no constitutional right to aid and abet known criminals trying to evade federal capture.

And yet, this Federal Judge just declared that there is.

Don't let this asinine ruling stand. Please, don't let the RINOs in Congress run out the clock to keep Sanctuary Cities funded for another year.

Draw your line in the sand right now!

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No more games,

Joe Otto

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