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Hillary Clinton’s private email system was deliberately made vulnerable and contained information that, if in the wrong hands, would be detrimental to our national security.

Up until yesterday, that sentence was a strong inference. Today, it is a fact.

Yesterday, the Iranian Government announced the execution of one of its state nuclear scientists, Shahram Amiri (pictured above).

Amiri was accused of spying for the American government and passing on details of Iran’s nuclear program. The Iranians found out that he was working with us, so they put him to death.

How did they figure it out? Well, there is no telling exactly how Iran uncovered the spy in their nuclear program. But Hillary Clinton certainly made it easier for them.

On her non-secure email server, she openly discussed Shahram Amiri’s situation. They referred to him as “our friend” and discussed how we could possibly extricate him from Iran.

Hillary Clinton’s email server was less secure than the run-of-the-mill Gmail account. That is a fact that comes straight from the FBI Director himself. The only security feature it had was that it was so unheard of for a Secretary of State to run a private server in their basement, adversaries might not have believed it was Hillary’s server.

But here we have Hillary Clinton talking about an Iranian spy on her non-secure email and then months later, that person was caught, sentenced, and yesterday, killed.

Did Hillary’s non-secure email server get a CIA asset executed? FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they hold Hillary in Contempt of Congress for her crimes!

Months ago, word leaked out of the FBI that Hillary Clinton had left CIA assets vulnerable by talking about them in a non-secure environment. The way the leak was originally worded, we hypothesized that Hillary had revealed a non-American intelligence asset. Unfortunately, our educated guess was right.

During an interview this past weekend, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) announced that Hillary Clinton may have actually contributed to this man’s death.

When asked about the Iranian nuclear scientist’s execution, Cotton said, “I'm not going to comment on what he may or may not have done for the United States government, but in the emails that were on Hillary Clinton's private server, there were conversations among her senior advisors about this gentleman.”

Just 9-days before Shahram Amiri returned to Iran from time abroad, Hillary Clinton and her aides were talking about his return and the need to extricate him if the situation went bad.

We know that the email server wasn’t secure. We know that foreign hackers tried to get into it, some using "phishing" emails posing as parking tickets to trick Hillary into giving them her passwords. Even if Hillary Clinton didn’t mention this man by name, the fact that they talked about his return to Iran, in a non-secure environment, so close to his actual return date very well could have sealed his fate.

We can hypothesize about what could have happened here and about whether Hillary Clinton did actually give the Iranians enough clues to find the spy in their midst. The point is, however, that this never should have happened.

Hillary Clinton should have been communicating on the secure government server. Then the risk of Iranian infiltration would have been practically zero.

But that’s not what Hillary Clinton did. She talked about CIA assets using thinly veiled code-words on a non-secure email server that was easier to hack than a basic Gmail account.

Hillary Clinton’s non-secure email server may have just gotten a CIA asset killed! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress hold Hillary in Contempt of Congress!

The FBI has concluded its investigation. Unfortunately, they decided that even though there was evidence that Hillary Clinton violated the Espionage Act statutes, they did not see fit to recommend prosecution.

Just because the FBI decided not to move forward against Hillary’s email crimes does not mean she’s out of the woods.

Hillary Clinton lied about her private email server and gave false statements under oath to Congress. That is a crime. Just because she won’t be prosecuted for one crime doesn’t mean she should get away with her other crimes!

Here’s the problem: GOP leadership is terrified of having to hold Hillary Clinton accountable. They don’t want to actually honor their promises!

So, they handed off the perjury referral to… the FBI. Yep. The same FBI division that decided not to indict Hillary Clinton despite an abundance of evidence.

But there is another way… a mechanism that the GOP leadership does not want to use.

Congress can hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt of Congress!

FaxBlast and tell Congress that they MUST hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt of Congress for lying under oath!

Congress retains the power, under the law and the constitution, to hold anyone who testifies before a Congressional body in Contempt for perjury or giving false statements under oath.

This is an important check to executive power. Without the authority to hold an executive branch official in Contempt of Congress, the executive branch would be expected to prosecute its own people.

All it takes is a simple majority vote. Then, a referral is delivered to the Attorney General and she becomes OBLIGATED to impanel a Grand Jury. Whereas the AG has the ultimate say in whether to move forward from an FBI referral, the Attorney General has no power to derail a Contempt of Congress charge.

Then, Hillary’s fate would be decided by a jury of her peers as opposed to a room full of her political allies. That is all we ask.

The debate in the GOP over whether to hold Hillary in Contempt is happening now!

It is up to YOU! FaxBlast and force Congress to honor its oath and use every tool at its disposal, including formally charging Hillary with Contempt of Congress foe lying under oath!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily