Fellow Conservative,

Tonight, at 8 PM Eastern, President Trump will announce who he has chosen to fill the late-Justice Scalia’s Supreme Court seat.

No one will ever truly be able to replace Antonin Scalia, but Donald Trump has promised to come as close as he can.

None of this would be possible without GOP leadership holding the line and refusing a vote on Obama’s nominee. Even when things looked dire and the establishment media said Trump was finished, GOP leaders resisted calls from turncoats like Jeff Flake and refused to put Merrick Garland to a vote.

Now, the Democrats are promising to do the same. They are promising to hold up Trump’s Supreme Court pick for four years, regardless of who he picks.

When Republicans filibustered Obama’s lower court nominees in 2014, Senator Harry Reid used the “nuclear option” to change the Senate rules so that non-Supreme Court nominations could be approved with a simple 51-vote majority.

He stopped short of changing the rules for Supreme Court nominees.

With the Democrats announcing an indefinite filibuster without even knowing who the nominee is, it is time to force Mitch McConnell to use the nuclear option once again!

Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress use the Nuclear Option to push through President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee!

There are allegedly three judges on Trump’s short list: Neil Gorsuch, William Pryor, and Thomas Hardiman.

Each of these men would be an excellent choice. They are all relatively young, had previously passed through Senate confirmation with ease, have a long history of conservative opinions.

Rumor is that Trump will choose Hardiman, but I’ve learned my lesson trying to predict what President Trump will do.

Whichever man Trump chooses – and the White House has confirmed his nominee will be a “he” – will be exceptionally qualified to take a seat on the Supreme Court bench.

Democrats are arguing that because Republicans blocked Obama’s nominee in his final months in office, they have a right to do the same for the entirety of Trump’s term.

They are wrong.

In order to change the Senate rules, it takes a simple majority vote. We don’t have any margin for error. If even two Republicans vote to keep the rule in place, they and the Democrats could block it.

Why would Republicans sabotage this? I don’t know, why would at least eight GOP Senators conspire to vote with the Democrats to give Obama his Supreme Court nominee last year? There’s nothing logical about being a Turncoat Republican…

You have answered the call in the past to stop these spineless Republicans from surrendering the Supreme Court to the Left. Now I am asking you to join us again in securing the Court for generations to come. I am asking you to go on offense!

We’ll know who the nominee is tonight. The nominee will be chosen from a list of qualified candidates. But we cannot afford to wait until then to bring the fight to the Democrats and RINOs.

Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress use the Nuclear Option to push through President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee!

We can change the Supreme Court for generations,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily