Fellow Conservative,

It is official. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has just announced that the measure to hold Hillary Clinton’s server technician, Bryan Pagliano, in Contempt of Congress will be put to a full floor vote.

As you know, the House Government Oversight Committee voted overwhelmingly last week to move the Contempt of Congress resolution through committee.

The Committee subpoenaed Mr. Pagliano to discuss his role in creating and managing Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server. That subpoena carried the force of law to compel him to appear before the committee.

He blew the subpoena off. He didn’t even bother to show up.

Now, he is facing the consequences.

Time to finish this. FaxBlast Congress right now and FORCE them to hold Hillary Clinton's server technician in Contempt of Congress!

Here is how charging him with Contempt of Congress will work.

It takes a simple majority in Congress to officially charge Bryan Pagliano with Contempt. If that happens, then Sgt. Paul Irving, the House Sergeant at Arms, will have the authority to apprehend Mr. Pagliano and compel him to testify.

The charges are then sent to the Department of Justice where the law says that the Attorney General has a “duty” to empanel a Grand Jury.

Loretta Lynch will not have the power to stop this. Neither her, nor FBI Director Comey, will be able to derail this. A Grand Jury would have to be impaneled.

It has been confirmed. The House will vote on this.

This is the closest we have ever been to holding a member of Hillary Clinton’s team legally accountable for their actions pertaining to the illegal email server.

One vote is what stands between Hillary’s aide and prosecution. One vote, that’s all…

Now that the vote has been added to the schedule, we have to fight to make sure it goes through!

Congress is actually going after Hillary's server technician! Raise your voice before it's too late! FaxBlast Congress here and DEMAND they hold Bryan Pagliano in Contempt of Congress for his crimes!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily