Fellow Conservative,

When Hillary Clinton handed over her emails to the State Department, she made a simple claim: she handed everything over. She said that numerous times on the campaign trail and she made that promise under oath.

Federal record keeping laws and regulations require for all government documents to be handed over when an employee leaves.

Hillary Clinton’s claim means one thing. If work related emails turn up that are not in the cache of files released by the State Department, then she committed a crime.

We already know of a handful of emails that are arguably work-related that she failed to turn over. They were a part of an exchange between her and long-time advisor Sydney Blumenthal over Benghazi and other foreign policy issues. She simply didn’t surrender the emails.

Now, the argument has been made that because Blumenthal wasn’t a government employee, those conversations were personal in nature. Up until now, that has been the excuse for not pressing charges.

However, another email has surfaced that Hillary Clinton deleted instead of handing over. She’s toast.

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The email in question is between Hillary and her Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills. After discussing the results of a meeting with NSA officials, Hillary Clinton emailed her Chief of Staff saying, “that is good news.”

When Hillary Clinton deleted 30,000+ emails that she deemed were “personal in nature,” this email was one of them. It simply wasn’t one of the emails she turned over. There is no way anyone can argue that an email between her and her Chief of Staff regarding the NSA was not work-related.

In law, when a defendant destroys evidence during an investigation, the presumption of innocence becomes a presumption of guilt. If you are caught shredding documents while under investigation, then it is legal to presume those documents you destroyed were damaging. This is known as spoliation of evidence.

By destroying even just one work related email, Hillary calls all 30,000 of the other deleted emails into question. Before the emails were deleted, she was notified that Congress was investigating her emails and that she had an obligation to safeguard them. She deliberately ignored that and deleted emails she was required to protect.

It was a crime to delete this email. That alone should put her in jail. She swore under OATH that she handed everything over. She perjured herself. That is enough to put her in prison.

But deleting these 30k emails while under a legal order to protect them now creates a much bigger problem for Hillary. For all we know, she deleted 30,000 government documents. If only the DOJ would prosecute her…

Congress has two steps that they MUST take:

1)   Appoint a special prosecutor. The Obama administration cannot be trusted to prosecute one of their own and the law allows for Congress to intervene when bias is present.

2)   Hold Hillary Clinton in contempt for committing perjury when she testified that she handed everything over.

If Congress does this, it’s over. But the only way that happens is if you demand it!

We can put an end to this right now and put a stop to Hillary’s campaign for good. All you need to do is get loud and DEMAND Congress do its part!

FaxBlast Congress and force them to hold Hillary Clinton in contempt and appoint a Special Prosecutor to go after her email crimes!


Joe Otto

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