Fellow Conservative,

We’ve been saying for months that Hillary Clinton belongs in prison. But with every passing week, that likelihood only seems to increase.

Every time Hillary tries to defend herself, her argument changes.

First, she said that she never sent or received classified information. Then, she amended her statement to say she never sent or received anything that was “classified at the time.”

Now here is her latest excuse: Hillary claims she didn’t “knowingly” send or receive any classified documents. See how her defense is evolving? That is what it has come down to. The Clinton campaign is arguing that any violation of the law was due to ignorance. I don’t know what is worse: having Hillary deliberately put our national security at risk or knowing that she is too stupid to know better…

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter whether she knowingly stored classified material and it doesn’t matter whether the material was classified at the beginning.

Hillary Clinton left her emails and documents vulnerable to foreign hackers while they contained classified and confidential information. The State Department just released another 7000 of Hillary’s emails and they were forced to redact 125 of them because they contained classified information.

Throw away the key! Tell Congress to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s crimes!

Here are the two crimes that Hillary is being accused of committing.

Section 793 of the penal code (The Espionage Act) makes it a Felony for a government official to exercise gross negligence in handling classified materials. Even if the emails weren’t classified at the very beginning, Hillary chose to leave them on an unsecure server in a bathroom closet in an apartment in Denver years after leaving office. She broke the law. Period.

The other law she is being investigated for breaking is outlined in Section 1924 of the penal code. It deals with the “unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material.” It makes no distinction between knowingly and unknowingly breaking the law. Considering that the State Department IT didn’t even know that Hillary was using a private email server, it is hard to believe that she was approved to store classified information on this server.

There you go. One is a misdemeanor and the other is a felony. One results in up to a year in prison and the other would disqualify her from running for President.

The FBI is currently investigating Hillary’s email usage. The Left wants you to believe that this isn’t a criminal investigation but here’s a newsflash: the FBI only deals in criminal investigations. Their only job is to put criminals behind bars. They wouldn’t be investigating Hillary Clinton if there weren’t at least some evidence that she committed a crime.

But here’s the thing: the FBI is run by Obama’s Justice Department. At any point, Obama can call off the dogs and Hillary will be let off scot-free.

That is why it is so important for you and every other likeminded Patriot to force Congress to press for a Special Prosecutor. As refreshing as it is to see the Justice Department go after an Obama administration official, we certainly can’t rely on it.

Congress has the authority to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate government misconduct but so far, they have been afraid to. It is up to YOU to demand it!. Why Congress hasn’t appointed a special prosecutor is beyond me but that ends today. Every time the State Department releases more Hillary emails, they have to redact dozens of them because they contain classified information.

It’s time for Hillary to answer for what she’s done!

More classified emails?! Demand that Congress appoint a Special Prosecutor to go after Hillary once and for all!

This woman belongs in prison, not the oval office…


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily