Fellow Conservative,

Did you see Barack Obama’s interview on Fox News this past weekend? I watched the whole thing and my jaw hit the floor.

Barack Obama conceded that Hillary Clinton has mishandled classified Documents, but then in a truly Bill Clinton-esque moment, the President said it really depends on what your definition of “classified” is.

There’s classified and then there’s classified,” explained Obama.

Even though he admits that Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information, and as a result broke the law, his argument over defining classification should leave you startled. Even though she mishandled classified information, and the law provides a mandatory minimum punishment for that, Obama believes that some of the information was wrongfully classified.

That’s not how this works.

The President has no intention of pursuing charges. He has already determined that Hillary is “innocent.” Only Congress can get the job done now!

Obama won’t prosecute. Only Congress can! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they launch a special investigation to go after Hillary for her Espionage Act crimes!

Seriously, we are coming down to the wire. All the evidence is there. She broke the law.

Not only did she store hundreds of classified documents on a non-secure private email server, but she originated over 100 classified documents without any regard for security. She took classified information that she received from briefings and put them on paper without safeguarding the documents.

She’s a felon, plain and simple. But the President and his administration are protecting her. In one breath, he says he will let the FBI do its job and then in the next breath, the President of the United States insinuates that Hillary Clinton is innocent.

When an interviewer recently asked Mrs. Clinton if she was worried about being arrested, she cackled. She knows that Obama will protect her.

Do you want to see Hillary Clinton in prison? Because there is only one way that happens and it is going to require you to take action right now!

No more games, put her in jail! Click and FaxBlast Congress DEMANDING that they push for a Special Prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily