Fellow Conservative,

You did it! After more than a year of activism, the House finally listened to your pleas and voted to dismantle Barack Obama’s Social Security gun control program.

As you remember, Obama signed an executive order a year ago instructing government agencies to study their beneficiaries list and figure out who would technically qualify for disarmament.

Instead of tackling the record number of shootings in places like Chicago, Obama chose to disarm grandmas and grandpas.

The Social Security Administration used a technicality in the law to disarm every beneficiary who ever checked the box on their form asking for a family member or friend to help out with their finances.

These helpers are called “representative payees” and it is their job to help beneficiaries by driving to the bank to deposit checks or just making sure bills get paid on time.

The Obama administration used a technicality in the law to classify all of these people as “mentally defective” because they were “unable to manage their affairs.”

Complete nonsense.

Well, the House voted 235-180 to destroy the regulation. Not only that, but if this Congressional action is signed into law, it would prohibit any future administration from implementing the policy ever again!

Help us finish this fight! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they kill Obama’s Social Security gun ban and then roll back the rest of his unconstitutional gun control regulations!

We passed the House. Now we need to tackle the Senate.

We need just a simple majority in the Senate to kill this Obama gun control regulation. The problem is that there are a number of spineless anti-gun Republicans who are already drifting into the Democrat camp.

Rep. Susan Collins (R-ME), for example, was the Senator who teamed up with Democrats to try and pass stricter gun control this past year.

If you go back to 2013, there are other GOP Senators who voted for Obama’s gun control package. Senators John McCain (AZ) and Pat Toomey (PA) both voted to expand background checks.

The media is already in full spin mode, trying to depict this vote as an attempt to dismantle the background check system. If they succeed and sway just these three Republicans, then the regulation stays on the books.

That is how small our margin for error is.

This is our chance to kill this regulation. If left unchecked, this Obama executive action would prohibit hundreds of thousands of Americans from owning or buying guns, simply because they’re bad at making sure bills get paid on time…

It is shameful that the regulation even got this far. It is shameful that the Obama administration pushed it through just days before he left office.

But it would be even more shameful if you allow the anti-gun lobby to use propaganda to keep the disarmament regulation on the books!

Let’s finish this! Join the fight and FORCE Congress to dismantle Obama’s Social Security gun ban once and for all!

We can kill this regulation now once and for all. We can ensure that Social Security beneficiaries are never disarmed because they check a box on a form asking for help managing finances.

The votes are close and we have no room for error. This is our moment in history.

Once we dismantle this executive order, we can get to work pressuring Congress to roll back the long list of unconstitutional and illogical gun control regulations!

Please, help us finish this fight! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they dismantle Obama’s gun control executive orders once and for all!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily