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On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, multiple unidentified objects were reportedly shot down by the governments of the US and Canada. From Politico:

"The U.S. and Canada keep blowing things out of the sky, but so far there are few details about what exactly they’re hitting." The headline of this article is "Playbook: UFO fever grips Washington."

I'm not sure there is anything more terrifying than legislators reacting to a foreign threat from a place of fear. The idea of you being in a panic is enough to make me panic. At this moment, when it appears that we are being attacked or invaded, you need to pull it together and put America and Americans first.

According the New York Times:

“There were multiple theories in Washington as to the provenance of the objects, but several Biden administration officials cautioned that much remained unknown about the last two objects shot down. The United States has long monitored U.F.O.s that enter American airspace, and officials believe that surveillance operations by foreign powers, weather balloons or other airborne clutter may explain the most recent incidents of unidentified aerial phenomena — government-speak for U.F.O.s — as well as many episodes in past years.

“However, nearly all of the incidents remain officially unexplained, according to a report that was made public in 2021. Intelligence agencies are set to deliver a classified document to Congress by Monday updating that report. The original document looked at 144 incidents between 2004 and 2021 that were reported by U.S. government sources, mostly American military personnel.”

So, why are we just learning about these objects now? From what are you attempting to distract? I want answers, and I am done with the government cover-ups. 

You swore an oath to protect the Homeland. You swore an oath to protect my natural rights. Remember your oath.