Speaker Vote Day 4 - No VOTE, No WORK, NO PAY!
The vote for Speaker of the House continues. This past week, every day since Tuesday, the House has held a vote for Speaker of the House, with the top contenders being Jim Jordan and Hakeem Jeffries. Besides voting for a Speaker, it appears that the House has accomplished very little. No Speaker has been elected, and no real work has been done. So, my question is, why are they being paid? Congress needs to get one thing straight: No Work = NO PAY!
Today marks the fourth round of voting in the House of Representatives. If a candidate cannot be elected, the vote will be pushed to another day. And if a candidate is not elected, then what happens? You guessed it, the vote will be pushed to another day. Until a Speaker is elected, this cycle can seemingly go on indefinitely.
As previously mentioned in an article, without a Speaker, the House is essentially locked in a state of inaction. Primarily, the House cannot conduct any legislative work, especially in moving legislation to the floor because there is no one to bring it to the floor.
However, committees can continue holding hearings and votes without a Speaker. Committees such as the Homeland Security Committee, the J6 Committee, and the United States House Oversight Committee, which is investigating the Biden family, can all conduct their business; they can all work.
This leaves no excuse for why our Representatives may not be working. And by working, I don't mean cutting deals and dragging their feet on the Speaker vote; I mean addressing the pressing problems our country is facing. Just because a Speaker vote is ongoing does not mean that all work and action must come to a halt. Important issues must be addressed and resolved. Even with limitations, the committees CAN still function.
The circus that is ongoing in the House is absolutely unacceptable. Lollygagging every single day, taking hours to vote on a Speaker, coming out empty-handed, and then repeating the same cycle again tomorrow does not address the critical issues in our country, such as the border invasion, the situation of the J6 patriots in jail, or the allegations of treason and corruption in the Biden family. This is not work, and therefore, they should not be paid during this time.
Our congressional members need to feel the pressure. It's clear that many of them are primarily motivated by their salary, which is funded by American taxpayer dollars. So, perhaps it's time to give them a wake-up call and take away the thing that motivates them. We are the employers, we hold the power, we are the bosses. If an employee fails to do their job, fails to work while on the clock, they are fired - NOT PAID.
Inaction is absolutely unacceptable. No work equals no pay! Congress, it's high time to get your act together. Until a Speaker is installed, with or without a Speaker, it is expected that you do everything in your power to work on the issues our country is facing. Anything less than this is unacceptable. As it currently stands, the House is filled with individuals who are not taking action. Let's make it crystal clear to Congress: with or without a Speaker, NO Work equals NO PAY!