ACTION NEEDED: BAN the Secret Ballot - Nominating the Speaker Behind CLOSED Doors MUST CEASE!
The nomination for the Speaker of the House has begun, behind closed doors via a secret ballot, where the people cannot have their voices heard. This is unacceptable. Our representatives are EMPLOYED by the people, FOR the people — we should have a right to have our voices heard, which includes having a say over WHO WE are employing. For this reason, the secret ballot must be banned from its use! The people's voices must be heard regarding the nomination of our representatives -- OPEN THE DOOR!
October 2nd, Matt Gaetz declared a motion to vacate the former Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. The following day, the vote was cast, with the aid of 8 Republicans and numerous Democrats, enough votes to remove McCarthy from office were cast, leaving the position of Speaker empty. 
Some politicians are claiming that the now empty position will cause a great deal of chaos, especially when considering how difficult it was for McCarthy to get into office in January, where it took 15 rounds of voting to elect him as Speaker.  
Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry, is now the acting speaker, and he has declared the House in recess until both parties can decide on a path forward. 
This Wednesday, House Republicans met privately Wednesday and picked Steve Scalise, R-La., over Jim Jordan, R-Ohio., as the GOP nominee to be the next speaker. They nominated Scalise behind closed doors via a secret ballot. Let me emphasize, they made this decision, on behalf of the constituents, the people, in secret… Does this not ring alarm bells? 
It is the right of the constituents, the American Citizens, to know what our politicians are doing, who they are planning to nominate, what deals are being made to garner support, and quite frankly the people's voice should be heard regarding these matters. 
Last week, following the ousting of McCarthy, we sent letters to Congress requesting that the person they nominate as speaker of the house should be someone like President Donald Trump. Someone who cares to uphold their oath, abide and protect the constitution, protect the peoples rights. But a secret ballot, a discussion behind closed doors, dealings the American citizens cannot see — that my friends is a slap in the face —- we have EVERY right to know what is going on behind closed doors, especially regarding the nomination of OUR LEADERS!
Congress, the House must heed the American people's voice, these nominations should be made visible to the public, NOT behind closed doors where WHO KNOWS WHAT happens. 
BAN the secret ballot, DO NOT allow the House to make decisions on behalf of the people behind closed doors where our voices cannot be heard, and our eyes cannot see. We employ these people, we have a right to know WHO we are employing, and we have a right to REJECT those who we are employing.