URGENT: Hey Congress!? - Where are the Children? Where is the aide? Media Blackouts? Land Grabs? Maui Fires Continue…
The situation in Maui persists, and after three long weeks, the House of Representatives has announced a second investigation into the Maui wildfires that wreaked havoc on our Hawaii, claiming over 100 lives.
The blame for the fires has shifted away from the Democrats' fanatical "climate crisis" hysteria, and instead evidence points to a downed power line that ignited dry grass. While this may identify the cause, countless questions remain unanswered.
First and foremost, the Hawaii State Department of Education has shockingly reported that 2,025 students are still unaccounted for in the Lahaina public school system. Out of the initial 3,001 students across four schools, only 538 have managed to re-enroll elsewhere, with 438 opting for the State Distance Learning Program. 
Secondly, the enforced media blackouts raise alarming questions about transparency, particularly concerning the cleanup of ground zero. Vast stretches of ominous black fencing have been erected around the area, preventing any form of documentation through photos or videos and subsequently obstructing the reporting on Maui ground zero and its cleanup. Isn't that curious?
The third concern regarding the Maui Fires revolves around "unsolicited" offers to purchase land in Lahaina. Many Maui residents who suffered tremendous losses feared that developers might seize the opportunity to acquire land in the wake of the fires. These fears have been confirmed by Hawaii Gov. Josh Green, who revealed that several individuals have indeed made offers to buy both land and the destroyed buildings in affected towns like Lahaina. 
Lastly, and most shamefully, as Maui grapples with the aftermath of this tragedy, Biden and his shameless administration have asked Congress for an additional $24 billion in aid for Ukraine. This would bring the total amount of U.S. taxpayer-funded aid to Ukraine since February 2022 to an astonishing $135 billion.
Incredible! While over 2,000 children in Maui remain unaccounted for, media blackouts persist, and developers covertly attempt to seize land, Biden is pledging billions to Ukraine—a proxy war! It's unfathomable!
Congress, let me be unequivocal: Investigate Maui; help find the 2,000 unaccounted children and the 850 others who have disappeared.
Do not allow these media blackouts to continue. The people have a right to know what transpires at ground zero. We should be able to witness the ongoing efforts without a colossal black wall obscuring the truth.
Do not permit developers to exploit Maui residents and support investigations into those making these offers—whether individuals or corporations. This tragedy is not an opportunity for profit.
And under no circumstance should you approve more billions to be sent overseas while Maui residents suffer, and our fellow Americans struggle to rebuild their lives.
Failure to heed these demands will reveal your incompetence, corruption, lack of care, and inability to uphold your oath. The eyes of the American people are upon you—act and represent us, or we will make you.