Julian Assange's Final Appeal Against US Extradition - Congress MUST Drop Assange’s Charges & Free HIM!
We, here at Conservative Daily, have stood by whistleblowers for years. These are individuals brave enough to speak the truth, yet relentlessly persecuted for the information they dare to reveal. Julian Assange is one of the greatest whistleblowers of modern times. Through his platform WikiLeaks, he revealed uncensored, TRUE journalism, leading to his imprisonment. This Tuesday, the 20th, Julian will have a hearing with the High Court of Britain to appeal against his extradition to the US. If extradited, he will surely face harsh charges, possibly upwards of 175 years. There's not much time, Congress; it's time to defend the liberty and free speech of all. Halt the extradition of Julian Assange and drop all charges to reunite this brave man with his family!
Assange will face the British High Court on February 20th and 21st, 2024, where two judges will rule on whether he is extradited to the United States. If that were to happen, Assange faces 18 charges, 17 of which are from the aged and oppressive U.S. Espionage Act of 1917. If charged, he could face up to 175 years of imprisonment.
Last October, more than a dozen U.S. lawmakers signed a letter, spearheaded by McGovern and Massie, that was sent to President Biden, urging him to end the prosecution against Assange. In September, a delegation of Australian lawmakers visited Washington, D.C., to meet with U.S. officials and advocate for Assange's freedom. On the four-year anniversary of Assange's arrest in April, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., led a letter to the Justice Department signed by some House members, demanding it drop the charges.
In December, a resolution was introduced by Rep. Paul Gosar, sponsored by numerous colleagues, expressing that "regular journalistic activities" are protected by the First Amendment and that the U.S. government should end its prosecution against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, accused of publishing classified U.S. military documents.
This month, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese voted in favor of a motion in parliament's lower house calling for the return of WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange to Australia, ahead of a hearing next week at London's High Court on his extradition. The motion passed on Wednesday with 86 votes in favor and 42 against.
Assange's relentless persecution by the U.S. endangers media freedom, investigative journalism, and the public's right to information, challenging the nation's fundamental values. To accept the persecution of Julian Assange is to accept the idea that all media everywhere must function as propaganda machines of the U.S. government.
Good journalism is allowed to be critical; it's allowed to be inconvenient, controversial, and to criticize governments. No one, especially under the protection of the First Amendment, should be imprisoned for exercising their freedom of speech and telling the truth!
Congress, there is not much time. Julian will face the High Courts of Britain to determine whether he will be extradited or not. You have the power to demand that the extradition of Julian Assange be halted, demand that the Biden Administration drop all charges against him, and allow him to reunite with his family! Congress, free the voices of truth that have had their rights stripped from them! Free Julian Assange!