The Government Misused The Obstruction Of Congress Law To Imprison J6 Patriots?!
For over three years, many January 6 protesters have been unjustly languishing in jail under the draconian charges associated with 1512(c)(2). The government, with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, has relentlessly harassed, imprisoned, and stripped away the rights of these protesters. This blatant abuse of power must be stopped. The Supreme Court's ruling clearly states that the law was intended for limited circumstances involving evidence tampering, not the broader situations prosecutors have wrongfully claimed it covered. Many January 6 participants are being held unconstitutionally, and their continued imprisonment is a travesty of justice.
On January 6, many Americans exercised their constitutional right to peacefully protest and assemble at the Capitol. Instead of being recognized for exercising their First Amendment rights, they were arrested and treated as political prisoners. Our Constitution guarantees the right to peacefully protest and assemble. Yet, numerous January 6 protesters remain in jail, waiting for justice that has been deliberately delayed. This is a direct assault on our constitutional rights, and it must end now.
The recent SCOTUS ruling exposes the improper application of 1512(c)(2). The law, enacted in 2002 as part of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, was meant to address evidence tampering in specific circumstances, not to be used as a catch-all for broader actions. This misapplication has resulted in the unwarranted imprisonment and persecution of individuals who were simply exercising their constitutional rights. This miscarriage of justice is intolerable.
The corruption and bias within the justice department, the reuse of jurors, body cam footage showing no violence, and the ongoing harassment, persecution, and destruction of livelihoods of these individuals are blatantly obvious. The January 6 protesters deserve to be freed immediately. Congress must take decisive action to liberate these political prisoners. The charges of 1512(c)(2) no longer carry any legal weight and must be dropped without delay.
To accept the persecution of the January 6 protesters, who were exercising their right to assemble, is to accept and allow our government to trample on the First Amendment rights of all U.S. citizens. This must end! Liberate the January 6 protesters and protect the First Amendment!