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The conduct of the federal government to lie and suppress the truth in support of their political narrative, at the expense of American citizens whom they swore an oath to protect, defies belief. 

Now we are learning that the Biden Department of Justice is warning courts that they plan to bring new charges to more than 1,000 additional attendees of the peaceful rally on January 6.

According to Fox News, “That number comes in addition to the nearly 1,000 people the DOJ had already arrested for Jan. 6 offenses as of February. U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves informed Chief Judge Beryl Howell of the potential prosecutions in an October 2022 letter, according to Bloomberg News. Specifically, the letter stated that the court should expect an additional 700-1,200 prosecutions.”

It’s important to know that Fox News also used a fake picture in their reporting. Trust in all institutions is at an all time low. You must remove this illegitimate regime and hold them accountable for their crimes. 

Every J6 Defendant should have their charges dropped or convictions overturned, with prejudice, given the despicable civil liberty violations of federal government actors. Every one of you in Congress should support this course of action for all J6ers considering that you swore an oath to protect those liberties. 


  • Release all J6 prisoners now. 

  • Dismiss all non-violent charges immediately. 

  • New trials in new jurisdictions for credible evidence of violence.

  • Release ALL the J6 footage publicly – both inside and around the Capitol

  • Release the footage and findings of the Jan 2021 “pipe bomb” incidents.

This is not going away. The past two years of government lies must be brought to account. 

Remember Your Oath.