FREE The J6 Political Prisoners - Stop the DC Gulags & Defend The Constitution
The three-year anniversary of the January 6 Protests has passed, and still, patriots are being subjected to harassment, persecution, and imprisonment. Since these protests, the government, with the help of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, has stripped away the rights of the J6 protestors. We the people have waited three years for justice for these wrongfully prosecuted patriots. It's long overdue. Congress needs to liberate the J6 protestors and protect their rights, putting an end to their political imprisonment!
On January 6, a protest took place in which many Americans exercised their right to peacefully protest and assemble at the Capitol. In turn, they were arrested as political prisoners. Our Constitution guarantees that we have the right to peacefully protest and assemble, so why is it that numerous J6 protesters are being held as political prisoners, waiting for justice?
The very fabric of our Republic is unraveling before our eyes as J6 protestors languish in prison cells, denied their basic rights and dignity. What kind of nation have we become when individuals are punished for exercising their First Amendment rights? This is not the America our forefathers fought and died for; this is tyranny disguised as justice.
What's more, several defense attorneys representing January 6 defendants revealed that potential jurors are being recalled or "recycled." After the jury selection for Zachary Alam's trial, defense attorneys discovered that their potential jury pool consisted of jurors who had been excused the week before.
Recently, Jake Lang and his team conducted a report that revealed that over 80% of potential jurors believed that J6 protesters deserved life in prison or the death penalty. You heard that right, 80 PERCENT believed the death penalty or life in prison was a just and reasonable charge for protesting, a literal right guaranteed by our Constitution.
This calls into question how J6 political prisoners are able to have a jury of their peers when their “peers” in DC are made up of individuals who essentially are calling for their death?! 
To accept the persecution of the J6 protestors, who were exercising their right to assemble, is to accept and allow our government to trample on the First Amendment rights of all U.S. citizens. This must end! Liberate the J6 protestors, protect the First Amendment!
Congress must be made aware of the people's will. We have the right to peacefully assemble, to protest our government, and to exercise the rights protected by the Constitution. It is painfully clear that our justice system is corrupt, and injustice will be served to the J6 protestors. Congress should free the J6 protestors, stop the persecution, end the corruption, and cease the stripping of the American people's rights.