Congress, We NEED ACTION! Demand Immediate Action to Rectify Injustices Against January 6 Protestors!
We are fast approaching the three-year anniversary of the January 6 Protests. Since these protests, the government, with the help of the FBI and other law enforcement, has unrelentingly harassed, imprisoned, and stripped the rights away from the J6 protestors. Under Speaker Johnson, most of the security footage from January 6th has been released; however, the full 40,000 hours have yet to be made public. Congress needs to liberate the J6 protestors and protect their rights, putting an end to their political imprisonment!
Political prisoner Jake Lang recently made a statement on his Twitter about the actions of Speaker Johnson and his recent statements made on Fox News. He stated, “Speaker Johnson has recently said this about Jan 6ers on FOX - 'I think some of those people have been denied due process, and we're exploring avenues on that to assist."
While you and the stagnant Republicans in Congress are busy 'thinking' about the clear and evident Due Process violations January 6 political prisoners are facing, I currently sit in solitary confinement, in the basement of Washington DC Jail on day 1050 of my incarceration WITHOUT A TRIAL. Enough talk and interviews on FOX; we need ACTION.”
It's been nearly three years since the protests took place, and some protestors, like Jake Lang, have spent over a thousand days languishing in prison, waiting for a court date and justice that has not come under the current administration. In October, reports from several defense attorneys representing January 6 defendants revealed that potential jurors are being recalled or "recycled." It is clear as day that these individuals are facing major due process violations, along with their rights being violated repeatedly. They are owed action from Congress, not just words!
Congress’s inaction to address and aid the Americans who have been imprisoned and are being charged with various severe charges is unacceptable. The footage from J6 thus far has proven one thing: this was a protest, NOT an insurrection. Liberate the J6 political prisoners!
Jake Lang closed his tweet by making two requests to Congress, “ONE - A NEW January 6 Select Committee that is a FACT-finding investigation, not the Liz Cheney scripted anti-American propaganda we saw last year! We have all the proof Jan 6 was a #SETUP.”
“TWO - ALL the Federal Judges & Federal Prosecutors that have Selectively Prosecuted & unjustly punished the Jan 6 patriots to decades in prison need to be DISBARRED & removed from their positions of power by an act of Congress - immediately!!”
It's time for the American people and CONGRESS to stand in the gap and ACT. The J6 protests showed us exactly what the cost of freedom is and why we MUST stand up for our rights, our freedoms, and our country! Congress, we need a NEW January 6 Select Committee, the imprisonment of ALL Federal Judges and Federal Prosecutors that unjustly punished patriots, the release of ALL 40,000 hours of footage, and the LIBERATION of the J6 Political Prisoners! Stand on the Right side of history! Know your oath!