Urgent: IMPEACH Attorney General Merrick Garland - He is Loyal to BIDEN not the CONSTITUTION
About a month ago, we called for the impeachment of Attorney General Merrick Garland, and we are making that call once again. This week, Garland faced intense questioning from GOP lawmakers, led by Jim Jordan, about his involvement in the Hunter Biden case and J6. Garland, much like the disengaged figure he serves, continuously pretended to be ignorant. Seriously? The American people see through this charade! What we do believe is that Garland is covering up for Biden and his son and committing perjury. Garland is loyal to the Biden's not the Constitution or the people --- HE MUST be IMPEACHED!
Let's refresh your memory regarding Garland's and the Department of Justice's involvement in the Hunter Biden cover-up. Remember the highly credible IRS Whistleblowers Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley, who alleged that during the criminal investigation, "Justice Department officials slowed down the criminal probe into Hunter Biden’s tax issues, hindered their efforts to obtain subpoenas and search warrants, and repeatedly hindered prosecutors from filing felony charges."
Jim Jordan brought attention to Hunter's questionable business dealings with Burisma, a Ukrainian company. He pointed out that Hunter had taken a highly lucrative position at Burisma for which he was unqualified and that Burisma executives had indicated they were "under pressure." Jordan also asserted that President Biden, then Vice President, worked to have a prosecutor investigating the company fired.
It's evident that Hunter Biden has been treated exceptionally leniently during this investigation. He received little more than a slap on the wrist for committing tax fraud. Reports and whistleblower testimony have alleged that Hunter Biden, in collaboration with HIS FATHER, funneled millions of dollars from his foreign dealings into companies to evade taxation. But unbelievably, all they've faced for these felonies is the Justice Department allowing potential charges to expire.
Of course, following the usual script of Biden's allies, Garland evaded direct questions from Jordan and Thomas Massie, instead deferring to future statements by Special Counsel David Weiss. Let's make it plain: he's in contempt of Congress, obstructing its constitutional duty of oversight—another compelling reason for his impeachment.
Furthermore, during questioning related to the January 6th protest, when Massie asked about the presence and activities of FBI informants at the protests, Garland claimed, "I don't know whether there were any," right after indicting Ray Epps on a misdemeanor.
Congress, there is no alternative: Garland must be impeached! He and the DOJ have demonstrated their partiality. They have impeded the Hunter Biden investigation, obstructed efforts to secure subpoenas and search warrants, and repeatedly hindered prosecutors from filing felony charges.
Additionally, Garland has shown blatant contempt for Congress, refusing to provide straightforward answers and obstructing its constitutional duty of oversight. Furthermore, he is perilously close to perjury.