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The Biden Document Scandal is just the latest in a string of investigations that you must undertake for this administration. 

If you plan to investigate, rather than continuing to obstruct, then We the People have your back. In fact, we have already done a lot of the investigative work for you. You can focus your committee work on confirming the crimes that have already been uncovered and analyze. Then accountability can (finally) follow. 

In addition to the Document Scandal, please get to the bottom of these scandals:

  • Stolen Elections: Why have DHS, ODNI, FBI, and “other government agencies” been engaging in domestic election manipulation? Why have you not taken action on CISA, CIS Inc., EIP, TIP, and their private industry partners like Twitter, Facebook, AWS, Google, and Microsoft, for manipulating the public discourse and reality hacking the American people? From 2020 to 2022, we have seen half a dozen federal/state/local elections rigged – and these players brag about it. 
  • The Pfizer Files: Where and when did the virus originate? Why did establishment politicians – like Nancy Pelosi and Chinatown – downplay the virus and encourage super spreading behavior in the early days of the pandemic? Why did Congress not prioritize the rights of Americans over the perceived rights of the pharmaceutical industry?
  • The Biden Laptop Report: Why did the FBI not action the myriad crimes encapsulated on the Biden Laptop? Why did the federal law enforcement and intelligence apparatus engage with the government and private industry to censor and silence anyone who exposed these crimes? Why is Biden still walking free when it’s undeniable that he engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors?
  • The Ericsson Report: Why is our telecommunications infrastructure – including critical 911 infrastructure – outsourced to a foreign company? Why have you not investigated the role that Ericsson played in Iran at the direction of the Obama Administration and Clinton State Department? What role did Ericsson play on January 6th, when only emergency services cellular was working? 
  • The Twitter Files: Why are federal agencies either 1) ignoring the explosive disclosures about the government using private companies to violate their constitutional limitations, or 2) pretending that this is no big deal? They’re all caught. We have their own words and documents! 

If you want to restore public trust, then the public must see accountability for the criminals in government.