Impeachment Is Not Enough, Merrick Garland Must Be IMPRISONED
Congress voted to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress. Now they are moving to sue him, because, unsurprisingly, he is still refusing to hand over the Biden/Hur audio. Garland is being held in contempt due to his failure to hand over audio of Special Counsel Robert Hur's interview with President Joe Biden about his handling of classified documents. The consequence of being held in contempt of Congress is imprisonment, meaning Congress must imprison Garland, NOT sue him. Garland has covered up for Biden and his family for far too long, suing him is not enough! The American people see through this charade. We DEMAND that Garland is not only impeached from his position as Attorney General but also imprisoned.
Merrick Garland has covered up for the Biden family time and time again, take the Hunter Biden plea deal for example. IRS whistleblowers Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley revealed that DOJ officials slowed down the criminal probe into Hunter Biden’s tax issues, hindered subpoenas and search warrants, and blocked felony charges. Jim Jordan highlighted Hunter's questionable Burisma dealings, noting Hunter’s unqualified, lucrative position and Biden’s influence in firing a prosecutor investigating Burisma. And then, Hunter Biden received lenient treatment for tax fraud, with reports indicating he and his father funneled millions to evade taxes. The Justice Department allowed charges to expire.
And on top of all of that, Garland evaded questions from Jordan and Thomas Massie, obstructing Congress's oversight—which is grounds for impeachment.
Now, in 2024, Garland is once again covering up for the Biden family, this time refusing to hand over audio of Special Counsel Robert Hur's interview with President Joe Biden about his handling of classified documents. Why? Because Hur declined to prosecute Biden, in part because a jury might sympathize with him as an "elderly man with a poor memory."
Last week, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., and 9 other Republicans, warned that U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland would be brought into custody for failing to deliver tapes of Special Counsel Rob Hur's interview of President Biden to Congress. Garland failed to provide the tapes in the allotted time congress gave him, and now they are moving to sue him. 
There is no alternative for Congress, suing Garland is NOT enough: Garland should not just be impeached, but he MUST be imprisoned. Garland and the DOJ have demonstrated their partiality. They have impeded the Hunter Biden investigation, withheld the Biden audio interview, obstructed efforts to secure subpoenas and search warrants, and repeatedly hindered prosecutors from filing felony charges. Simply put, Garland has shown blatant contempt for Congress, refusing to provide straightforward answers and obstructing its constitutional duty of oversight. The punishment for this crime is imprisonment. Our government should be composed of individuals loyal to the Constitution and the people above all else. Garland does not meet this standard; he is loyal to Biden and the Biden Crime Family! IMPEACH & IMPRISON HIM!