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Earlier this week, America watched as the chief censors at Twitter attempted to defend their election meddling. Each of the witnesses appeared to perjure themselves, but the American people have long stopped expecting accountability from Congress.

During the Twitter hearing, one of the witnesses said (unironically) that, “At that time we were allowing up to three insults.” Who do these people think they are?

In one of the most shocking disclosures during that hearing, we learned that the US government officials were inside Twitter’s Jira instance to collaborate with Twitter on US speech suppression. This type of access puts US government officials in a management role at Twitter. At least that would be the case for any SEC regulated company, but we’ve come to expect the government to ignore its own laws. 

Then there was the hearing on the weaponization of law enforcement against the Biden regime’s political opponents. Your MSM partners are working overtime to paint this hearing as the Republicans “bringing up old grievances.” The prior Congress’ refusal to address overt criminal activity by those in their party does reduce these hearings to “old grievances.” 

The cover up is always worse than the crime and, now that we are finally getting some sunlight on the criminal DOJ, you are forced to take a position. Frankly, it’s stunning to hear so many of you attempt to defend the very behavior that you swore an oath to prevent. 

Our natural rights are non-negotiable.

Now we are hearing that the Oversight Committee issued official requests for documents from Hunter and James Biden with respect to their foreign business dealings. In his letter, Comer accused the Biden crime ring of receiving "significant amounts of money from foreign companies without providing any known legitimate services." Comer has given the Bidens until Feb. 22 to respond before issuing a subpoena.

Please understand that, after the triple majority in DC gaslit the American People over the past several years, our memories are much longer than yours. We’ve watched and waited for the truth to come out, and now that is exactly what is happening. We are watching, and we are expecting justice. 

As a legislator, you are the check on Executive Power. Remember your oath.