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I am writing about the Chinese Spy Balloon. We thought this was in our past, but now we learn that the Administration lied during the entire affair. Will the Legislative Branch hold them accountable?

The Chinese ran surveillance over the Continental United States, and the US government gaslit the public that this was no big deal. 

According to the AP at the time, a senior defense official told Pentagon reporters that, “...the spy balloon was trying to fly over the Montana missile fields, but the U.S. has assessed that it has ‘limited’ value in terms of providing China intelligence it couldn’t already collect by other means, such through spy satellites.”

Now, according to NBC News, that is provably false. Of course it is – the altitude of a balloon and the altitude of a satellite are so vastly different. Obviously, the balloon would have greater collection capabilities simply due to proximity.

“The Defense Department directed NBC News to comments senior officials made in February that the balloon had ‘limited additive value’ for intelligence collection by the Chinese government ‘over and above what [China] is likely able to collect through things like satellites in low earth orbit.’”

China is on the offensive in the Fifth Generation War, and you all appear to be more interested in playing politics. You are in your role to protect America and Americans’ natural rights. 

The American People demand answers about China’s espionage activities. We also demand full disclosure of all US officials’ relationships with China. 

Remember Your Oath.