Around the world, everywhere you look, the US appears on the verge of entering hot conflict. It’s beckoning our legislators, and their donors, calling from every corner under the dome. Over the weekend, the Daily Dose of Sanity that we send to our legislators is going to focus on these conflicts individually, so we can be sure that there is no misunderstanding. 

No to military conflicts in the Indo-Pacific.

According to Reuters, “North Korea fired a short-range ballistic missile into the sea off its east coast on Friday, South Korea's military said, the latest in a series of launches by the nuclear-armed country amid heightened tensions.” 

This has been a regular occurrence, including during Kamala Harris’ visit to the region late last month. You’ll remember that’s when she discovered what a border looked like in a painfully contrived photo op. 

“The unprecedented frequency of North Korea's missile launches has raised concerns it may be preparing to resume testing of nuclear bombs for the first time since 2017. Some analysts do not expect any tests before neighboring China concludes a congress of its ruling Communist Party, which begins on Oct. 16.”

The US Indo-Pacific Command said it was aware of the latest missile launch and had assessed that, "it does not pose an immediate threat to U.S. personnel or territory, or to our allies,” and pledged to monitor the situation closely, in consultation with allies. 

The most recent launch comes after National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan released the National Security Strategy, and said of the region:

“In the Indo-Pacific, we have reaffirmed our iron-clad commitments to our treaty allies, lifted our alliances with Japan to South Korea to Australia to new levels of vitality, and restored the Visiting Forces Agreement with the Philippines.”

About the Philippines, Military Times is reporting that these statements came with a real world show of force:

“Truck-mounted launchers blasted off rockets and U.S. stealth fighter jets streaked across the northern Philippine sky on Thursday in a combat drill that marked the latest display of American firepower in a region where Washington has tried to deter what it warns as China’s growing aggression.”

After pledging allegiance to South Korea, Sullivan called out the North explicitly:

“The DPRK has not halted its forward progress…But the document does recognize some core priorities. The PRC represents America’s most consequential geopolitical challenge. Competition with the PRC is most pronounced in the Indo-Pacific, but it is also increasingly global.”

I wonder if Rocket Man is throwing a tantrum because he wants to be number one? It’s okay, bro, this administration “standing up to China” is all for show. Receipts are on the Biden Laptop – just do a search for “My Chairman.”

The sirens of war are calling our government officials. Tell them to resist temptation. No foreign conflicts. We don’t want it and can’t afford it. 

No to military conflicts in the Indo-Pacific.

Here is today’s letter to congress.


According to Newsweek, “71 percent of Americans are worried about a hot war between the United States and China in the next five years, according to a new survey, with one-third of respondents saying they were ‘extremely concerned.’”

Americans don’t want you engaging us in foreign conflicts. And there are many sirens calling you from the Indo-Pacific, not just China. North Korea is calling you to engage militarily. 

You must resist this temptation. 71 percent may be concerned about a war in the region, but less than 30 percent of Americans support your foreign wars. 

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Do not engage in military conflict in the Indo-Pacific region. Do not allow the same to be done by executive order. We can’t afford it and we don’t want it. 


That means what YOU want is irrelevant. 

“My ardent desire is, and my aim has been, to comply strictly with all our engagements, foreign and domestic, but to keep the United States free from political connections with every other country; to see that they may be independent of all and under the influence of none.” – George Washington

Remember your oath. 

No to military conflicts in the Indo-Pacific.